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CFM allows for provisional registration of foreigners More Doctors

The agreement with the Attorney General's Office says the CRMs will have 15 days to receive information from profissinais

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The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) transferred to the Regional Councils category (CRMs), on Friday (20) issued guidance that the records of the temporary exchange students program More Doctors, "provided the documentation of each candidate is complete and no inconsistencies. "

Based on the understanding given by the Attorney-General (AGU), CRMs shall within 15 days from delivery of each record, so that the Ministry of Health to inform the entities work address and the names of tutors and supervisors of each exchangees attached.

The position was taken after the CFM have access to the response sent by the AGU Justice of Rio Grande do Sul, where the court admits that the requirements laid down in MP 621/13 can and should be observed, but argues the impossibility of providing the information requested before the issuance of records. To the Board of Medicine, "that demonstrates understanding of the Attorney General's Office that the requests for information to enable enforcement actions relating to the Program More Doctors are guided by the principle of reasonableness. Understanding also indicates that the government assumes its capacity and duty to meet part of the requirements of this program characterized as education and postgraduate medical education. "

According to a statement issued by CFM, "to grant the provisional CRMs, entities collaborate with the completion of the logistics allocation of exchange students and request in 15 days from the delivery of the document submission requirements established by Provisional and not yet have been met. Upon receipt of the missing data, the Medical Council will have access to information that will enable them to supervise the implementation of the program, as provided by MP 621, with special attention to patient safety and defense exercise in ethical parameters ethical performance of the profession. "

The term is defined exactly as given by the Government to the Medical Council proceed with the enrollment of exchange students. This period should be sufficient for the survey and official entities of the medical workplace and responsible for mentoring each professional allocated. At the end of this period, if delivery has not been made, it establishes noncompliance with program rules, which violates the provisions of MP 621/13 exposes the population served and healthcare risk limits monitoring actions of the Medical Council .

With this guidance, the Medical Board, who have their autonomy respected, they may complete the analysis of the dossier of each of the exchange students from the Program More Doctors. Those who submit complete documentation (no inconsistencies), as the items listed in the MP 621/2013 and Article 7 of Presidential Decree 8040, will receive their provisional CRM. However, the exchange students who do not deliver identification documents in accordance with the requirements established by the rules of the Program More Doctors do not receive the provisional CRM. In these situations, they will be informed of the inconsistencies and oriented to provide the missing data for the CRMs carry out a second analysis.

A preliminary survey carried out among CRMs shows a significant number of incomplete dossiers. Only those who disobey the MP inconsistencies are identified. Among the most common problems are lack of consular legalization of diplomas and personal identification with inconsistency. Diplomas and sworn statements without translation, handwritten and without being accompanied by the respective originals are accepted, based on the advice of the Government.

According to CFM "responsibility for the originality, authenticity and legitimacy of these documents is being assumed by the Federal Government."

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