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Second stage of the Most Doctors completes 672 accessions

Professionals will operate in 237 municipalities. Is mostly in the Southeast, followed by the South, North, Northeast and Midwest

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The bottom of the second phase of the Program More Physicians reported a membership of 672 of the 1,602 doctors trained outside Brazil that began enrollment. These professionals will be distributed in 237 municipalities and eight indigenous districts. Among those selected, 163 are Brazilian and the other 40 nationalities. Physicians have until Friday (20) to confirm their interest in working in locations chosen by the ministry.

Of the 237 selected municipalities, 125 have 20% or more of its population living in extreme poverty, or are part of the group of cities with over 80,000 inhabitants of lower per capita income of the country.

Chosen by 180 participants, municipalities in the Southeast will receive the largest number of doctors, followed by the South (170), North (130) Northeast (130) and Midwest (62). Among the states, São Paulo has the largest number (99), followed by Rio Grande do Sul (80), Paraná (58), Acre (43) and Minas Gerais (38).

A total of 514 cities and 25 districts joined the Indian More Doctors in the second month of the calling program. Now cities are 4,025 participants, requiring 16,625 jobs.

In the first stage of the program, with 1,096 medical diplomas Brazilian concluded accession, however, the latest data from the Ministry of Health show that only 47% of them had to work in the cities. Physicians with foreign diploma passed the assessment will be presented next week.

With information from the Agency Brazil

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