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Amazon records first death from H1N1 in 2013

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The Foundation for Health Surveillance and Health Manaus (FVS) confirmed on Thursday (5), the first death caused by influenza A (H1N1), held on Saturday (1st). The victim was a merchant, aged 35, who lived in the municipality of Eirunepé, more than a thousand kilometers from Manaus. This year, only two cases were confirmed in the state of Amazonas. In 2012, there were nine entries of contamination by the virus H1N1 and two deaths.

<b> In Rio de Janeiro </ b>

On August 22, the Municipal Health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro, confirmed the fourth death this year because of influenza A (H1N1) in the capital. In the state in five days occurred 39 cases and ten deaths from influenza. According to the Office of Surveillance and Environmental State Department of Health, cases of influenza caused by Influenza virus type A (H1N1) have been shown to be more severe than other cases of Influenza virus.

The prevention of influenza is made with basic rules of hygiene, such as covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing and washing hands frequently. It is also recommended to avoid long remain indoors without ventilation and overcrowding.

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