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Isac Jorge Filho, director and former president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp).
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Isac Jorge Filho, director and former president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp).

The government decided to do a blitz against medicine and doctors Brazilians. Behind it there is all worthless. Some determinations are so absurd that Stanislaw Ponte Preta (Sérgio Porto) were still alive would have put together as part of the danger of land mockery.

One of them, under the pretext of securing doctors in small towns, offering, after two years of training 20% ​​advantage on exam scores made for medical residents. Seems joke: you say you want to fix doctors in small towns and nods a premium for them to leave home in larger centers.

The analysis gets worse when you deepens: in the first two years the doctors offer their expertise to the poor of the towns, or any experience, and when they accumulate experience, at the sacrifice of the patients, do residence and will take the experience to the larger centers. It's Robin Hood in reverse.

The inconsistencies do not stop there. Yesterday we had a meeting at the Medical Center, when a colleague described his experience when, in one stroke, the sanitarian career was extinguished. Unemployed, went to a small town of the interior (let's call it the Santa Cruz God forbid).

Over the months noted that the city cemetery, which was almost empty when we arrived, was occupied in a relevant way. Before you criticize someone explained that what happened was that the seriously ill nearby to learn of the arrival of a doctor came to look for him.

Turns out he's a doctor, not a magician and to work with the efficiency level necessary needed an infrastructure that would ensure a health team and equipment to allow further investigation. How was alone it was expected that the results were bad, as indeed were.

Let us turn to the current proposal: the inconsistency government does not talk about health teams, but focuses all the problems of insufficient number of doctors. Incoherently not talk about quality and not even want to know to assess foreign doctors who want to hire.

What matters? Since it is not for treating risks, relatives, friends and supporters just the medical. No matter if you do not understand your language and can not be approved examinations in basic knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Source: CFM
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