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The false dilemma of foreign doctors

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Vital Tavares Carlos Corrêa Lima is 1st vice president and coordinator of the Department of the Technical Committees and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM).
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Vital Tavares Carlos Corrêa Lima is 1st vice president and coordinator of the Department of the Technical Committees and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM).

The controversy authorization to work with medical degrees obtained abroad without revalidation and proof of proficiency in the English language contains false dilemma embedded in Provisional Measure 621/2013 that the program subsidizes More Doctors. The real question comes down to the availability of legally trained and qualified doctors.

It is strategy created to hide the exposure of the largest and poorest segment of the population without professional qualification proven, omitting society the box social discrimination established, with the division of people into overlords and vassals or citizens first and second category.

The argument coercer tax citizens of the difficult areas of provision is limited to the following premise: accept this or part of the medical doctor or remain sick.

The legal interpretation of sociological character of the MP, which may give it social relevance, pointing to a moral and ethical paradox and configures itself as the hermeneutics of helplessness.

In all countries cited as an example and explanation of this Program, the revalidation of foreign diplomas is unwavering prerogative to practice medicine. This act allows the performance of the activity without the restriction of individual freedoms, with guaranteed quality of service for patients.

In Brazil, the Law of Guidelines and Bases of Education (no. 9394/1996) requires that foreign doctors revalidem their diplomas in public institutions of higher education. This requirement is reinforced by another rule still in force: the Law n. º 3.268/1957. Therefore, the project implementation phase results in the hiring of illegal Brazilians and foreign medical degree obtained in other countries.

Despite this aggression cool, in the case of all foreigners, yet comes another - also coated gravity - for Cubans imported. Working conditions provided for this group does not meet the constitutional principles and imply acceptance - through bilateral - coercive practices within the national territory, typical of totalitarian regimes or dictatorial.

If there is difficulty of access and provision of assistance to populations in distant cities or suburbs of large cities will not be in action with these characteristics that the country will find the appropriate solutions.

It is unacceptable that the Brazilian State - signatory to several international treaties for the protection of human rights, including the elimination of slave labor - enables the hiring of foreigners in precarious situations, with restriction of individual and collective rights and the retention of greater part of the funds received by the Cuban government.

The Brazilian authorities can not exploit the labor of thousands of people, disrespecting the laws of the country, especially the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) and Article 7 of the Constitution (protection of Social Rights Labor).

The managers of our National Health System (SUS) is widely used for the argument that foreign doctors can not be excluded from the Program More Doctors, failing to restore the chaos in Public Health. They say that there are no native doctors enough and willing to work within. With engine marketing launch public opinion against any contrary position.

These assumptions are false and just prevent a debate marked by consistency and transparency. Brazil, the dignity and health of its people, as well as consideration of their doctors, are worth more than an election!

Source: CFM
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