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SUS will offer chickenpox vaccine in September

The target audience consists of children 15 months who have already taken the first dose of MMR

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The Ministry of Health will offer, starting this September, throughout the public health, vaccine varicella (chickenpox) in tetra included viral, which also protects against measles, mumps and rubella. The new vaccine will comprise the National Immunisation Schedule and will be offered exclusively for children 15 months of age who have already received the first dose of MMR. With the inclusion of the vaccine, the Ministry of Health estimates a reduction of 80% of hospitalizations for varicella (chickenpox).

With tetra viral, SUS shall offer 25 vaccines, 13 of them already available on the National Immunisation Schedule. We invested R $ 127.3 million to purchase 4.5 million doses per year. The population should be informed at the health center closest to whether the tetra viral vaccine is now available. That's because some municipalities are still adjusting to the new routine vaccine, because of the need for professional training for dosing or difficulty distribution for rooms vaccine in hard to reach places. It is expected that all 34,000 rooms distributed in Brazil vaccination doses are offering until the end of the month.

The tetra viral vaccine is safe - it has 97% efficiency and rarely causes allergic reactions. There will be no vaccination campaign, as the tetra viral vaccine will be available in routine public services to replace the second dose of MMR. The vaccine prevents complications, severe cases with hospitalization and possible death, including the prevention, control and elimination of diseases measles, mumps and rubella.

Domestic production of viral vaccine tetra is a result of the partnership for technology transfer between public laboratory Bio-Manguinhos and private laboratory British GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). In technology transfer agreements, signed by the Ministry of Health, the production takes place by means of Productive Development Partnerships (PDP), made with public laboratories. In this partnership, the privately-owned laboratories are responsible for producing the active ingredient and transfer technology. In return, the government ensures exclusivity in purchasing the drug for five years.

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