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More Doctors Program: consensus of one part

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Antonio Carlos Lopes, president of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine (SBCM)
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Antonio Carlos Lopes, president of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine (SBCM)

Days ago, the Ministers of Education and Health met in Brasilia with a committee of directors of medical schools federal report, prepared by the committee of experts led by Prof. MEC. Adib Jatene, referring to items included in the Provisional Measure 621/2013. Taking place at the table directive to be coordinator of the National Forum of Directors of Medical Schools of Federal Institutions of Higher Education (FORMED / IFES), I could make a critical analysis of the course of the meeting, regardless of my opinion.

What was supposed to be a democratic forum for discussion of ideas and review of misconceptions Program More Doctors, gained unexpected turn. With pomp and circumstance, the MEC and the MS announced the withdrawal of expanding medical school from six to eight years duration, with a mandatory residency in primary care and emergency care in the areas of Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Community Health.

Thus, the residency is characterized as a kind of compulsory civilian service goal that long trying to reach under severe criticism from academia, the medical institutions and various other democratic forces of Brazil. Not satisfied, disclosed publicly that they would have had unanimous consent of those present at the meeting, which does not correspond to reality, since the opinion of the Congregation FORMED received numerous medical colleges making clear its position against the various aspects presented. In fact, almost unanimously, there was the opposite of what was reported in the media.

Even if we agreed, endorsed the government could never have come out instantly. At the meeting, we had only directors of public colleges of medicine. We are only representatives of the university community and we can not make a decision of this magnitude without the consultation and approval of our congregations, agencies maximum medical schools.

We could not expect anything different, after all we are faced today with a series of disjointed and dangerous proposals that threaten to deconstruct the Health System, rather than rescuing him.

The establishment of compulsory civilian service for residents have another name for us: exploiting cheap labor. Denotes total lack of competence in the development of consistent policies for health and evidence that the government only makes use improvisation instead of tracing a project resulting in the medium and long term. From the legal point of view, would be necessary that the Constitutionalists were expressed, since the Constitution gives the doctor the right to practice medicine without titles expert or even residency.

Attitudes like these have been harshly criticized by medical organizations and particularly by the academy. Are so serious as to give the physician the responsibility of making health alone, it also lies with the function to build the walls of the clinic. Alone it does miracles. His work requires an infrastructure that is compatible for given minimal medical care. Additionally, claims by the participation of other health professionals in the formation of a multidisciplinary team, so that the medicine can be at least reasonable.

Thus, it is not difficult to understand why the criticism of entities and academia, who actually perform the Medicine in various locations. Forward newly graduated doctors to regions that do not have the minimum requirements for medical care, is to expose them to misdiagnosis, besides playing public money down the drain. The Interagency Commission of National Education Assessment Doctor (CINAEM) years testifies that the doctor at the end of their training, are not able to practice medicine. Learning that search for the resident, ie, knowing the SUS and relive citizenship, is not fulfilling its purpose. To change this situation, what we need is to act in professional training, updating and easing the medical curriculum.

Already put this thesis publicly, an alternative would be to create a system in which municipalities interested after enrolling in the Health Ministry, receive visits from representatives of an evaluation committee formed by elements of the government, medical organizations and specialty societies to see if the city has the essential requirements for the physician's work. So it would be possible to document the portrait of the local SUS, which would address the priority investments for those with competence.

Another option is to formulate a program in which all trainees in medicine serve the military and thus contribute to the NHS. I've done this in the Paulista School of Medicine, and our most recent task force conducted 1500 consultations and 150 surgeries in 15 days, but with preceptorship responsibility and excellence.

Residents that MS tries to force working on the NHS, the government envisions preceptorship distance, a proposal that will never work. Being a preceptor is a function of extreme seriousness and importance, and can not be stimulated only by compensation.

Source: CFM
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