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Even with the vetoes, doctors continue to be responsible for diagnostics

The information is a statement issued by CFM in response to Congress's decision that kept vetoes the Medical Act

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The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) issued a statement saying that, even with keeping the vetoes of President Dilma Rousseff to Law 12.842/2013, doctors continue to be responsible for diagnosing illness and prescribing treatments, and other professionals will act within the powers provided for in their national legislation and case law as of the Superior Courts.

According to the CFM, the decision of Congress not imply expansion of powers and duties of the other 13 categories of health, which are already provided for in their respective laws do not allow them to diagnose and treat doenças.Quem perform acts of disease diagnosis and prescription of treatment should be terminated and, if convicted, may receive sentence of six months to two years in prison, as stipulated in the Criminal Code, warns the Federal Council of Medicine.

According to the note, "without warranty of what was planned in the original text of the PLS 268/2002, the Government may adopt protocols offering patients services performed by professionals without proper authority. If so, will the judiciary aimed at protection and safety of the population. "

After voting in joint session of Congress, representatives and senators decided to maintain the 10 presidential vetoes the law regulating the practice of medicine (Law 12.842/2013).

The Medical Act ensures patient safety, quality medicine and does not preclude the multi says Florentino Cardoso, president of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB).

It required 257 deputies and 41 senators in favor of the overthrow of the 10 vetoes of President Dilma Rousseff. Until the morning of Wednesday (21), the count showed that 30 senators came out in favor and 40 against the overthrow of excerpts vetoed. The votes of the deputies are still being investigated.

The bill took almost 12 years, underwent 27 public hearings and had been approved unanimously by the Senate and House of Representatives, however, received vetoes of President Dilma Rousseff.

The session that assessed the veto on Tuesday was the first held in accordance with the resolution adopted on July 11, which provides that the analysis of the President's veto legislative matters approved by the deputies and senators is made within 30 days, or it will be locked (no more vote).

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