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First stage of the program is extended More Doctors

The new deadline is Tuesday (13). Professionals can be contacted by phone for additional information

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The deadline for the closing of the first phase of the program was extended More Doctors. Professionals trained abroad who have chosen the municipalities where they want to work within the stipulated time, but were not allocated in any of the vacancies, may opt for vague set for coordinating the More Doctors until 23:59 on Tuesday (13). The measure is in a notice published in the Official Gazette

Initially, the deadline for doctors with foreign diploma confirm participation would be closed on Monday (12). The release of the final balance of the membership of Brazilian and foreign medical program, scheduled for today, will take place tomorrow (14).

The notice published in the Official Gazette also states that physicians with inscriptions confirmed until the date of publication of this notice will be triggered by email and, optionally, by telephone, to complement the information required to regularize the participation in the program.

Balance of the Ministry of Health released last week showed that 10 715 overseas trained doctors indicated municipalities to participate in the Program More Doctors. Of these, 194 are Brazilian who graduated abroad and 521 are foreigners. These professionals yet to confirm participation in the program.

The next call for doctors and municipalities begins on August 15. Professionals with foreign diploma serving in the More Doctors do not need to do Revalidation of Doctors Diplomas dispatched by Higher Education Institutions (revalidation) and will work for three years. They can only act within the More Doctors and the region for which they were selected. Doctors have the supervision of a university during the period of participation in the program and receive a grant of £ 10,000.

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