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WHO launches guide to mental problems caused by trauma

The guide is part of the Global Programme of Action for Mental Health, which include care disorders post-traumatic stress

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The World Health Organization (WHO) launched on Tuesday (6), a new guide to clinical protocols for the treatment of mental illness caused by trauma or loss.

The Global Programme of Action of the WHO Mental Health was created in 2008 and now, the organization decided to include the care of the disorder post-traumatic stress.

WHO data show that traumatic events and losses are common in people's lives. A study done of the agency in 21 countries revealed that 21.8% had experienced some form of violence. More than 16% had experiences with war and 12% suffered from the loss of a loved one.

To treat these people, the new protocol produced jointly with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says that the initial treatment can be done in hospitals.

According to the report, health workers can provide basic psychosocial support to the patient, as well as stress management. They will help people identify and strengthen the methods to cope with mental illness.

The new protocol is a warning against certain popular methods of treatment, such as the use of drugs that have basic principle is benzodiapezina, very common in controlling anxiety. Medicine should not be used for cases of disorder post-traumatic stress or insomnia in the first months after the the event which caused the trauma.


For Mark Van Ommeren, Medical Department of Mental Health of WHO, the new guide will guide health officials worldwide to treat adults and children who suffer from conditions specifically related to stress.

Conheça o novo guia

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