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Exam detects fibrosis in the liver of patients with hepatitis in ten minutes

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The detection of the presence of fibrosis in the liver of patients with hepatitis B and C before made by means of surgery, can be made by elastography, exam which is not invasive and resembles a ultrasound. The examination still is for few, because in particular network arrives to cost R $ 3 thousand and the public network still has few handsets.

Carmem Alves Pereira, chief of unit gastrologia the Hospital de Base do Distrito Federal (DF), explained that, when discovers that have hepatitis B or C, the patient should logo make an examination to know the level of commitment liver, for, from that information, take proper treatment.

The medical says that the DF have three Fibroscan, appliance used to make the elastography, in public network. The appliances staying on Hospital de Base do DF, in Unidade Mista of Asa Sul and in Hospital Regional of Taguatinga. Each one cost about R $ 750 thousand.

São Paulo, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro also rely with the exam upon public network. The Association Brasileira de Carriers of Hepatitis (ABPH) soon will pass to offer in São Paulo this exam for free to the population.

The estimate of Ministry of Health is that in Brazil 800 000 people are infected by the virus B and 1.5 million people by hepatitis C. Da infection until the phase of the hepatic cirrhosis may take 20 to 30 years, on average, without any symptom.

Humberto Silva, president of ABPH, only discovered that had hepatitis C after 38 years with the disease. I loaded the viruses for 38 years, without pain, without no sign. When I discovered, was with liver cirrhosis, walking to a transplant or who knows towards death, recalls Silva.

According Silva, there Organization data World Health showing that only 5% of people with hepatitis know they have the virus. Not always there symptoms, but experts warn that tiredness, fever, malaise, dizziness, enjoo, vomiting, abdominal pain, yellowish skin and eyes, dark urine and feces clear can be signs of the disease.

By the data the Organization's official World Health, 1.4 million people die per year because of the various forms of hepatitis. Only 37% of 126 countries analyzed by the organization have strategic policies for prevention and treatment. The Ministry of Health informs that, in Brazil, viral hepatitis most common are those caused by viruses A, B and C.

In Brazil, there vaccines for the hepatitis prevention A and B. The Ministry of Health offers vaccine against hepatitis B us health posts of SUS and against hepatitis A us centers Reference Immunobiological Special. There is no vaccine against hepatitis C.

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