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The numbers of the campaign in every state were presented on Monday, hurt (29)

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Presentation of the numbers of
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Presentation of the numbers of "Action Your Turn" made secretaries of Health of Goiânia and the Institute of Technological and Human Development in the auditorium of HGG

Launched four months ago to reduce patient waiting of the Unified Health System (SUS) in Goiás, Share Your Turn contemplated 11,408 people waiting for elective surgical procedure. The numbers were presented on Monday, July 29, the Departments of Health and the State of Goiânia and the Institute of Technological Development and Human (idtech), which operationalized the task force.

In the balance of the action that took place in the auditorium of HGG, the Secretaries of State Health, Antonio Faleiros, and Goiânia, Fernando Machado, announced the continuation of the partnership, which involved 28 health care providers, and public or private to the SUS. The strategy of the task force was distributed to hospitals in the Hospital Admissions Authorizations (AIH s) authorized by the Regulator Complex SMS, streamlining the existing demand.

The total AIH contemplated in s Hospital Alberto Rassi in four months, 1,495 surgeries were performed in the hospital itself, the majority of general surgery, urology and plastic surgery. In the latter specialty, HGG has promoted every month special task forces. Have benefited seniors who needed to remove the excess skin of the eyelids and youth with prominent ears. The other 939 patients, corresponding to 38.5%, were referred to other providers from the public.

According to the technical director of HGG, Rafael Nakamura, Action Your Turn could greatly reduce patient wait unit. In an active search our database identified a total of 3,395 AIH s. These can reduce more than 70% in just four months. This means a rate 195% higher attendance compared to meta contractual idtech and SES explains.

In State of the 11,408 s AIH forwarded to providers in the last four months, 1,562 were served by Araújo Jorge Hospital, 148 the Holy House of Mercy, 1495 by Alberto Rassi Hospital, 949 by 766 by the Hospital Trust and St Lucia. According to information from the Municipal Health was committed over £ 1.8 million from the Ministry of Health to invest in elective surgeries and thus to continue the joint effort and zero other queues.

With information from the State Health Department of Goias

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