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Doctors turn to paralyze activities across the country

The motion calls for end to More Doctors and review the cuts in the Medical Act. Professionals from more than 10 states have joined

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In some states of the country, doctors took to the streets for public acts against the
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In some states of the country, doctors took to the streets for public acts against the "More Doctors"

Physicians from more than 10 states paralyzed on Tuesday (23) care in public hospitals in demonstration against the Program More Doctors and vetoes the bill regulating medicine, known as the Medical Act. The attendance to urgent and emergency cases are kept, according to informed employees' unions. In some states, professionals participated in public events.

In Mato Grosso do Sul, about 350 doctors gathered in a march through the main avenue of the capital, Campo Grande, according to the union of professionals in the state. The union president, Marco Antonio Leite, said there was good adherence to shutdown and criticized the More Doctors. We understand that there is no shortage of doctors in Brazil, there is decentralization in the regions. We believe that the effective way to solve this is to create a career of State for physicians to settle in regions further away from urban centers, he said.

In Belo Horizonte, the doctors gathered in front of a medical school to a public act. According to the Association of Physicians of Minas Gerais, there was also participation of professionals from private network to a standstill. In Goiás, the balance of the union is that over 50% of the physicians of the state paralyzed activities. Those who are working meet the urgent and emergency cases.

In Recife, the doctors who were paralyzed activities in a public morning in front of the Hospital of the Restoration, the largest public Pernambuco. In Bahia, the sessions were suspended from public and private, including health plans, except for emergency care. In the capital, Salvador, during the afternoon, the professionals make a health fair with the gauging of pressure and glucose and exposed to the public the reasons for the stoppage.

In the Federal District, the doctors opted not stop the activities and make a standard operation, which reduced the pace of care. The shutdowns are scheduled for 30 and 31, when the professionals of the Federal District will suspend the service queries and elective (scheduled).

There is also standstill in Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Paraná and Acre. The activity follows the timetable set by the National Federation of Physicians (Fenam) in conjunction with the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB). Outages are scheduled for the next 30 and 31 of this month.

The Ministry of Health, through a spokesperson, said it regretted the strike to affect physicians' services rendered to the population. Says that remains open to dialogue, as occurs from the beginning of the discussions on the Program More Doctors.

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