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CFM seeks justice program's suspension More Doctors

Public lawsuit questioning the non requirement of revalidation and the need for knowledge of the Portuguese language

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The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) filed a civil action with a request for injunctive relief against the Union in the figure of the Ministries of Health and Education. A civil lawsuit aims to suspend the continuity of the Program More Doctors, released on July 9, through Provisional Measure No. 621. In the coming days, other actions should be presented in court.

In the first civil action proposal late on Friday (19), CFM asks the Medical Board (CRMs) are not required to make provisional registration of doctors exchange students who join the Project More Doctors to Brazil without documentary evidence of revalidation of diplomas issued by foreign universities as well as the presentation of certificate CELPE / BRAS for foreigners until the merits of this issue can be analyzed by the judiciary.

The organization emphasizes that action is not against the presence of foreign doctors in Brazil, but the fulfillment of the legal requirement to demonstrate effectively their technical capacity to pursue the medical profession, under the legislative framework already exists.

MP opportunistic In understanding the CFM, the Provisional shows no urgency and is opportunistic in "as it takes advantage of public outcry coming from the streets to edit simply populist legislation." In his argument, which reproduces stretch of sentence granted earlier, the Council recalls that "public managers have used on a large scale the argument that they can not delete the 'doctors' foreigners failing to restore the chaos in Public Health, that there are no doctors willing to work in or in sufficient numbers. And throw the media and public opinion against whoever insurja against 'foreigners.' It is fallacy because their premises are false and only seeks to prevent good debate. A issue should be discussed with absolute transparency to the public. "

The CFM also justifies its action based on the existence of irreparable harm or very difficult repair to the health of the Brazilian people, especially the poorest, if the maintenance of EO No. 621. "The inflow of foreign doctors in Brazil to be 'played' in the most remote corners or even in the outskirts of metropolitan areas with no control of his technical ability is an attitude, at least reckless, if not criminal."

The organization also points out the risk of the uncertainty arising from the lack of command of English by foreign doctors, which affect verbal communication in consultations and writing at the time of prescription revenues. "These are glaring inconsistencies which militate in favor of an injunction urgent that embraces the precautionary principle and avoid the perpetration of harm to the health of the recipients of this infamous Project More Doctors for Brazil. Damages such that the average man, minimally savvy, has all conditions to predict. "

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