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Health is no joke. Officials from Brazil, meet the physicians and citizens

Renato Azevedo Jr, president Cremesp

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Foto: Assembléia Legislativa/SP
Renato Azevedo Junior is president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp).
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Renato Azevedo Junior is president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp).

Brazil's health is in check. Both the public system and the private skating on a crisis decades, making access of citizens increasingly difficult. Authorities, a long time, we charge a state policy for the sector. A policy above parties, the electoral ambitions and improvisations wrong.

Appeals from doctors, other professionals and health workers, patients and the group of citizens, unfortunately, do not seem to sensitize the authorities. Mistakes are repeated, such as the recently launched program More Doctors, advertised as a solution to all the ills of the Unified Health System (SUS) by the Federal Government.

It is unfortunate that the same government that announces a series of successes in the economic field, ignore a social issue of great importance, perpetuating the underfunding and poor management within the public health system. The lack of assistance is imminent risk and consistent actions now need to be avoided.

One of several questionable points More Doctors Program is changing the curriculum followed by the expansion of medical school in two years. The government wishes to oblige, as from 2015, who enter college to spend two years in training in SUS. In other words, affront the Constitution, creating, in practice, the civil service compulsory for doctors. Or be half doctor, half slave.

Unacceptable! Including by delaying the entry of professional marketing and training of specialists that Brazil needs both, as pediatricians, gynecologists, family physicians, and others.

The proposal is not effective or efficient, but media, to calm the spirits of millions of Brazilians who have taken to the streets demanding quality health and social justice, since joining the faculty of medicine in 2015, only leave graduated in 2022, the that is no solution to the imminent collapse of the system.

The coming of foreign doctors without revalidating diploma to prove whether they are qualified and opening more spaces in medical schools without other quality measures are unacceptable.

The plan of the Federal Executive presents a danger to patients. States, especially the most vulnerable and needy plot, it is she who in fact will be given to professional training dubious, since the government signals that the bulk import occur without doctors trained abroad have to prove qualification.

's Borders have always been open to physicians of all nations. Meanwhile, there are legal rules to be met for admission to these professionals to ensure quality care for citizens. One is the evaluation process that measures the knowledge and skills in the practice of medicine.

To get an idea of ​​the risk to which the population will be exposed if the revalidation of certificates is waived, last year, the survey reported high failure rate, around 90%. It is thus evident that citizens will be assisted by professionals not qualified enough and therefore will be subject to medical errors.

As for offering a three-year grant with salary paid by the Ministry of Health of R $ 10 (about £ 7 slaughtered taxes) to attract doctors, it's a smokescreen to legitimize the coming of outside professionals with training inadequate. Today, due to the lack of structure and consistent policies for internalization, or a salary of £ 100,000 attracts professionals to these areas.

Brazilian doctors are not mercenaries, not base their actions on commercialism in search of easy money. Conditions but want to practice the profession with dignity and resolution.

You can not do medicine without infrastructure, without nursing without the dentist without having other health professionals, without having a social worker, without having access to a blood test, the X-rays, medications, litter .. . Money can not buy doctor, his commitment is to the patient and providing assistance and humanistic quality.

The government says he was inspired England to design the Program More Doctors. The paradox is that Britain has a system of exclusive health and invests 10% of its GDP on it. In Brazil, are invested only 3.5% of GDP.

Punctuated our main criticisms of the Program More Doctors, present, again, simple and effective proposals to reverse the chaos of health. As a solution to the shortage of health professionals in remote areas and in the suburbs, we particularly supportive of the Executive for approval of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) 454/2009, establishing a medical career in public service, similar to judges and prosecutors.

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