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USP seeks deprogrammed More Doctors of Congress

Notice also asks revalidate maintenance. Unifesp had previously announced non-adherence to the program

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The board of the Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (USP) that the Provisional Measure (MP) 621 establishing the Program More Physicians to be withdrawn from the agenda of Congress. The statement also calls for the maintenance of the National Diplomas Revalidation of Physicians (revalidate) as the only way for the admission of foreign doctors.

Among the measures foreseen in the More Doctors is the creation of the second cycle of medical school. Students who enter the course from 2015 will have to serve for two years in the Unified Health System (SUS) to receive a diploma. Another action is expected to hire foreign professionals to work in the public on the outskirts of cities and in the countryside.

To the directors of the college, the measures proposed by the federal government does not help solve the problems of public health If the issue is the shortage of doctors, the postponement of his training will worsen the current situation. If the issue is the distribution of physicians in all regions of Brazil, the MP does not offer answers to the migration of these students with the necessary supervision of these students, the note highlights college.

The acting director of USP, José Otavio Costa, presented as an alternative solution to the shortage of doctors in some regions a partnership between the Ministry of Health with educational institutions. If the ministry is willing to make an agreement, the more structured medical schools could take care of some regions of the country or his state. But there has to be funding, said

Another point would help bring professionals to the areas most in need, according to Costa, is the creation of a career path for doctors serving in SUS. Speeding in Congress the issue of medical career. A career as a professional who will meet in primary care or family medicine have a safety when performing an open procedure, a job of a decent life, with an adequate salary, pointed out.

On the 12th, the School of Medicine of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) announced that it will join the More Doctors.

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