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Medical organizations abandon government commissions in protest

"Since 2011 the medical entities seeking consensus, but the government chose to act unilaterally and authoritative"

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Medical organizations have abandoned all Boards, Committees and Working Groups of the Ministries of Health and Education. Also will no longer sit on the National Health Council The output is a result of unilateral decisions taken by the government lately, as the program More Doctors and vetoes the law of the Medical Act, taken without any dialogue with the class, said a statement issued by the Council Federal Medician (CFM)

Since 2011 the medical entities CFM, the Brazilian Medical Association (AMA), the National Association of Resident Doctors (ANMR) and the National Federation of Physicians (Fenam), seeking consensus, presenting proposals for the internalization of health care. "The government, however, chose to act unilaterally and authoritative."

The note says that medical organizations participated in numerous meetings in the Ministries of Health and Education, as well as meeting with President Dilma Rousseff at Planalto Palace. At every opportunity, heard the arguments and made suggestions to internalize medicine, such as creating a career of state for medical and other professionals of the Unified Health System (SUS) and the acceptance of the coming of foreign doctors passed the exam validation diplomas (revalidation) to act in areas difficult to uphold.

Indifference as the proposals were dealt with and the constant attacks on doctors and their bodies, transferring to them the responsibility for crisis assistance that should, in fact, the lack of investment and poor management (both under the scrutiny of the Executive), signaled that the Government, in principle, has no interest in dialogue or develop real solutions, with the participation of physicians, academia and other sectors of society. Emphasizes the note.

"We are feeling neglected by the government. He is using us to say that negotiated with the category, but it does what it had previously decided, claims Geraldo Ferreira, president of the National Federation of Physicians (Fenam).? Declaring war on the government he added.

According to Ferreira, was agreed in a meeting with the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), which representatives of 56 medical societies, such as the cardiology and pediatrics, will also leave the technical working groups coordinated by the government.

With information from CFM and Brazil Agency

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