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Joint Operations Center for Integrated Health begins operating in RJ

Service will operate on special hours until the end of the Pope's visit, monitoring attendance at health facilities

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Created to give quick answers to possible occurrences during the World Youth Day (WYD), the Joint Operations Center for Integrated Health (CIOCS) began operating this week. Formed by 30 representatives of municipal eestaduais Health, Fire Department, Ministry of Health and Fiocruz, the group is based on the Integrated Command and Control of Rio de Janeiro, in Praça Onze, and is acting in operational conducting active searches in health units to monitor issues related to the identification of diseases by checking the notifications, the profile and number of visits during the week and Missionary WYD.

During the events in Copacabana and Guaratiba the CIOCS will work on special hours from 12h to 0h. Already the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels (Lacen) work 24 hours for every day of the journey, recebendoamostras biological, and Fiocruz.

If the team finds that a locality is receiving cases of diseases related to the ingestion of contaminated water, for example, the group drives the Municipal Sanitary collect water samples, take tests and proceed to prevent others from drinking that product explains Superintendent of Environmental Surveillance and the State Department of Health, Alexandre Chieppe.

The same happens if an outbreak occurred. Epidemiological surveillance teams vain idenfy cases on site taking measures to avoid contagion. The work will be done by the Action Group and Quick Response, integrated by professionals of Epidemiological Surveillance and Environmental SES, which will also support municipalities in a complementary manner. It's up to this team, available 24 hours, evaluate and adopt measures initial control of an outbreak of an epidemic and even some environmental disaster involving health risk.

To help diagnose unusual diseases, the Center for Strategic Information for Health Surveillance (CIEVS-RJ) conducted a survey of major diseases circulating in Brazil and around the world and gathered information in two lists. The First brings together the major diseases in the Brazilian states and the second indicates the most common diseases that circulate in the world. According Chieppe, the two lists were transferred to the health network.

The survey includes diseases already eradicated in Brazil or with few records in recent years as polio, cholera and measles and other diseases still without notification in the country, such as chikungunya, for example, transmitted by Aedes aegypti, common in Indonesia, India, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Gabon and Yemen. Another concern is the H7N9, novel influenza virus, from the countries of Asia.

The control is done through the symptoms. Many diseases begin with fever and depending on the origin of the patient, the make specific test for any disease circulating in place. This is the great challenge: to find out where people come and prepare the health service to be alert in identifying the disease, warning Chieppe.

Source: SECOM RJ
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