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Team Health Ministry launches More Doctors in Spain and Portugal

The team presented the program for doctors and medical students along with representatives of local governments

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A delegation from the Ministry of Health closed on Friday (12) a tour of four days by Spain and Portugal in which presented the Program More Doctors. Led by Secretary of Labor Management and Health Education, Mozart Salles, the team presented the program for doctors and medical students from each country, along with representatives of local governments in Madrid, Seville, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona and Lisbon .

The Ministry of Health provides federal grant £ 10,000 to doctors who will work in primary care in public health, under the supervision of public education, for a fixed period of three years. Only pegylated selected physicians trained in recognized educational institutions in your country and must have knowledge of Portuguese.

The selected professionals will work exclusively in primary care, with the accompaniment of tutors and supervisors of an educational institution. The call for inclusion of municipalities and Brazilian doctors was published on Tuesday (9) and registrations can be made until the 25th for the first selection. After this period, foreign professionals may register for subsequent selections.

In addition to this selection, the initiative provides for an increased number of vacancies of medicine and residency in the country, and the inclusion of a new cycle in the undergraduate curriculum to operate for two years, in public saúde.O Ministry of Health is also investing in infrastructure, totaling $ 15 billion to improve the conditions of health facilities. Already running £ 7.4 billion distributed to equip, renovate, expand and build more than 16,000 UBS, 818 hospitals and 877 PSUs. ER $ 7.5 billion are new features - R $ 5.5 billion for construction of six thousand basic health units (BHU), renovation and expansion of 11,800 UBS and construction of 225 Emergency Care Units (PSUs) in addition to U.S. $ 2 billion for the construction of 14 university hospitals.

Launched by the federal government and instituted by interim measure on Monday (8), More Doctors aims to increase the number of these health professionals in the areas of greatest social vulnerability, in addition to qualifying medical training in Brazil.

According to the government, the priority of the program is to attract Brazilian physicians in regions where there is a shortage of professionals. However, foreign doctors will be selected in the municipalities that fail to attract Brazilian professionals. Spain and Portugal are among the countries that fulfill the necessary prerequisites to participate because they have medical per capita ratio higher than that of Brazil (1.8 doctors per thousand inhabitants). Spain has 4 doctors per thousand inhabitants, and Portugal, with 3.9.

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