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Doctors are not magicians

Antonio Carlos Lopes, president of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine

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The doctor Antonio Carlos Lopes
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The doctor Antonio Carlos Lopes

If any instance of being able to offer today a salary of £ 100,000 for a physician to work, for example, in a remote area of ​​the Amazon, it almost certainly will not. Perhaps, one of 100 accepted. But this is not the spirit of a class that seeks, above all, the next support, assistance and looks humanistic profession under the eyes of love of neighbor.

I mean, in a few words, is that Brazilian physicians are not mercenaries, not we base our actions on commercialism in search of easy money. Our focus is different: it is the health, quality of life, is working against preventable deaths. That's because one preventable death does not deserve forgiveness, whoever was responsible.

Therein lies part of the explanation for the fact that the government can not take care to remote areas and suburbs of large cities.

However, the remedy for this evil is merely the importation of overseas trained doctors without qualification proven, without which they undergo the revalidation of the diploma.

Incidentally, the revalidation of certificates needs to be improved. To approve the entry of a medical professional graduate outside, be it foreign or Brazilian, one can not only reap the technique. It is necessary to evaluate the psychological, moral and ethical formation. A number of parameters have to be analyzed because it is someone outside of Brazil, is not land, our culture does not have the Brazilian way on their good side.

These differences are reflected in the strong humanistic vision, which is the doctor-patient relationship in medical practice. Culturally, the values ​​are very different. With regard to the technical part, it takes a mandatory, as it is with everyone.

The central question of internalization can not be distorted, is the infrastructure, because if there is no infrastructure for a Brazilian, there is also the outside professional. What is it? Doctor or magician?

You can not do medicine without infrastructure, without nursing without the dentist without having other health professionals, without having a social worker. Money can not buy medical shoulder once more.

The doctor is not a commodity to be bought for a handful of dollars. If it were, nor would the color of money, because most of the prefectures, nor honor that promises to wages and often, not paid m penny. It is called the default.

Doctor who sells and not medical. This is unethical, goes against the Hippocratic oath and the principles of humanistic education. The money medicine has to be the result and not the main goal. This is a purely materialistic part of medicine, which is not consistent with our principles.

Therefore, only when our authorities learn the B and A = BA, we are close to healing. She flips through a state policy to health, and not through partisan bickering that change our policies at each change of mood.

Antonio Carlos Lopes, president of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine

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