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Foreign doctors: underfunding and xenophobia

Mark Luna is postgraduate doctor at Harvard Medical School and UFBa

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Mark Luna is postgraduate doctor at Harvard Medical School and UFBa
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Mark Luna is postgraduate doctor at Harvard Medical School and UFBa

If it were necessary to dwell on the causalities of the sociocultural and economic malaise in public health and private Brazilian would fit here the universal maxim: The accident does not happen in nature ... and in human society. The historical conditions gave birth three decades, ineffectiveness and inefficiency progressive medical act, in the context of declining health situation and welfare of our country. The redistribution of the medical controversy on the outskirts of cities over the country is a kind of social apartheid (A. arterial switch). Since the 1988 Constituent Assembly and configuration of SUS, the physician role and working conditions has gone astray from the unwinding of its basic principles: universality and comprehensiveness.

Relevant to this litigation, the wicked underfunding of the NHS is facing the expansion of the market for private health insurance and job insecurity of company partners health, Aesculapius has scaled contemporary ambivalence professional who reminds the characters of world literature from Stevenson and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jerkyll the doctor and his counterface. Doctors submerged in hospital and outpatient practice intermediated by banks and disguised philanthropic organizations, which offer them a relationship (?) With the patient that mimics the interaction doctor-patient-family, seated since Hippocratic times to ethical principles of humanity.

The illusion of an office or liberal relationship was deconstructed along these mismatches: medical errors guilty, civil litigation and medical councils punitive allies to wage vilipendioso at all levels. Nothing should be unexpected for us. Our minds must design in time to predict potential problems and consider not only what usually happens, but what can happen (Seneca). The structural diagnosis of impending rupture in health systems in Brazil this statement: the underfunding of Health Measures Salvationists as hiring foreign doctors through temporary legislation by the federal government associated with social alleviation programs like Provab, Reda, Ebserh , Health of the City populist, not contemplate the key measures: implementation of the Career Public Medical and NHS, the application of 10% of the Federal Budget on Health

The CFM and medical organizations have struggled with the political and technical authorities of the sector, the intention, not yet formalized, the Dilma government to minimize failure and maldistribution of health professionals through a measure that will be rejected by the medical profession and other Health and community leaders. The approval of a national minimum wage for the medical career under public project with the Commission on Social Security and Family in Congress will be a parameter qualifier and encouraging, and thus a greater commitment to the NHS and collection society. It also does not fit the medical attitude xenophobic conservative, since good traditional medicine does not obviate the national and international institutional cooperation, and it needs to transpose the hearings and debates in medical conferences, often contaminated by biased interests of the pharmaceutical industry and technology. I believe this uproar fed a clash, to overcome the gaps in the sector.

Anyway, it seems that the prospect meridian deadlocks in attention to health and its corollaries toilets will not be solved with the addition of five or ten thousand doctors - come from Cuba, Spain, Portugal and Latin America, qualified by proof as in all developed countries - the pool of four hundred thousand Brazilian doctors. Not redeem the balance of our structural-functional SUS with the desired population. I am also convinced that this political ferment social serve to fuel the process of transforming and evolving our still young democracy.

Source: CFM
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