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New quiz helps assess sleep quality child

Health professionals who deal with children have at their disposal a reliable instrument to assess the quality of infant sleep

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Health professionals and researchers working with children have provided a reliable tool for assessing the quality of infant sleep and can be used both in the clinic for diagnosis, as conducting research on the topic. Validation of the questionnaire for infant sleep Reimão and Lefèvre (QRL) was the goal of a college professor Patricia Piaulino Daniele de Araujo, in his doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Medicine, USP (USP).

The questionário QRL was drafted in 1981 by teachers Rubens Nelson Amaral Reimão of Assisi and Anthony Frederico Branco Lefèvre, Hospital das Clinicas (HC) of USP. It is an instrument widely used in HC. What was missing was scientific validation so that he could be a tool for public use, he says.

The QRL is composed of 27 questions, divided into 3 parts. Questions should be made to parents or those responsible for monitoring children's sleep. The first part aims to identify the child with information about age and gender, plus the amount of time she sleeps and times for bed and out of bed.

In the second part, are held questions aimed at identifying the characteristics of children's sleep habits, the behaviors adopted at the time of sleep (if the light is on, if need be with some toy company if there any pets , etc.).

In the third part, the questions address the frequency of disturbances during sleep: bed wetting? talk in your sleep? sits on the bed while sleeping? have nightmares? etc.. Patricia Daniele redid the order in which the questions appeared and reorganized the three subdivisions, and modernizing some words used in 27 questions.

<b> Consistency and reproducibility </ b>

To validate, were assessed twice: consistency and reproducibility. The questionnaire to be applied today, has a particular response pattern. This same standard must be observed after a certain period of time. This is the reproducibility, the researcher explained. To assess reproducibility, the questionnaire was administered to 1,027 children between 3 and 5 years of 17 day-care centers, with most of the region of Santo Amaro, in the city of São Paulo, and reapplied after 15 days, 853 of these children.

The consistency of the questionnaire assesses sleep infant Reimão and Lefèvre (QRL) actually measures what it proposes. To conduct this evaluation, experts in the field of infant sleep underwent anamnesis questionnaire and applied the QRL in 60 children and obtained results about which of them had a disorder or not. These children were from the Clinic of Neurology, Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology and the HC-USP, and a nursery in the city of São Paulo.

In assessing reproducibility, we had 96% of identical responses. And consistency, the rate was 80%. These results validated the questionnaire QRL and it can be used by pediatricians and researchers to assess children's sleep, says Patricia Daniele. Evaluations of consistency and reproducibility were performed between March 2009 and November 2011.

Sleep problems in children can cause, besides school deficiencies, changes in cognition and mood, and may make them more agitated. In applying the QRL researcher, excessive movement during sleep (48.5%), snoring (35.8%), daytime sleepiness (33.2%) and nocturnal enuresis (21.9%) were the riots prevalent. Most of them occurred daily, were more common in girls and tended to decrease with age.

Source: USP
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