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With six deaths, Uberaba emergency decrees against swine flu

City Triangle miner seeks help state and federal sending new doses of vaccine that were exhausted in the region

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"The Emergency Decree issued by Mayor Paul Piau with all his secretaries was exclusively for prevention. This facilitates the recruitment of people to fight the virus, facilitates the purchase of medicines and equipment for units, facilitates the production of educational brochures and everything else that can help us in this work. All efforts are being made so that there is a new outbreak or epidemic and new is important that people become aware of the risks and help in prevention. "

The above statement is part of a statement, on Wednesday (19), by the city of Uberaba (Minas Triangle) after the 6th death caused by H1N1 virus. According to statement released also on Wednesday, 14 people have been hospitalized with suspected disease in the city. In total, between suspected and confirmed cases, 5 deaths have been recorded. The city still has 10 cases of people in the region who are admitted to local hospitals. Of these, one death was recorded, the patient coming from the municipality of Fruity.

According to the Municipal Health doses of vaccine against influenza virus H1N1 and H3N2 have been exhausted. "They are being made all the efforts by the State and Federal Government for sending new batches of vaccine. Affirm that it is not time to panic or despair, but of concern and caution."

Early preventive measures taken by the city was the installation of containers of alcohol gel in all our health facilities, local schools and places of great crowding and flow of people as road and airport; distributing masks to patients with suspected flu and all healthcare professionals, besides the availability of Tamiflu in public health facilities and private.

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