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Importing doctors, hiding problems

Elias Hanna is a doctor and counselor Cremego

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Foto: Cremego
Elias Hanna is a doctor and counselor Cremego
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Elias Hanna is a doctor and counselor Cremego

The Brazilian government is negotiating with Cuba to import about 6000 or more physicians of the country to supply the deficiency of doctors in underserved regions of Brazil. Before long, in the Northern Amazon Japurá can witness the following dialogue.

- Doctor, I'm sick, have nausea and vomiting, my rule is delayed. I think I'm pregnant.

- For supuesto, su es later period, creo you're embarazada.

- No sir. Doctor, my appointment was scheduled for this morning, who is reshuffled is you.

- Si, estoy diciendo is what, you're embarazada.

- Medical weird.

- Thank you! Very kind of your part, Senora is also very strange.

- Cross Creed! It takes both a doctor to come hereabouts, and when it comes we do not understand anything.

It seems funny, but the Brazilian government now thinks health takes way, simply replace the malformed Brazilian doctors by well-trained Cuban doctors. Moreover, Brazilian doctors are very demanding, unlike cubanos.Os wages to be paid to Cuban £ 8000 per month, of which about R $ 6,500.00 for the Cuban government, show how Brazilian doctors are ungrateful anyway here, a medical expert prefers to earn about U.S. $ 3000 in major centers but does not venture to work Uiramutã in Roraima.

Brazil has approximately 400,000 physicians, ie, two doctors for every group of about 1,000 people. The UK has 2.4 doctors for every 1,000 British. It is true that the vast majority of these professionals is exercising his pupil in the capitals and major cities of Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, there are 5.4 doctors for every 1,000 locals. In Goiânia, 4 doctors per 1,000 goianienses. Meanwhile dozens, hundreds of Brazilian cities are devoid of doctors.

The big problem is the lack of structure of these sites. Lack support hospital, laboratory, multidisciplinary. Left over misappropriation of resources, corruption and promises of corrupt politicians who promise the physician population and investment in health and in return nothing oferecem.Testemunhei places where the physician works with low wages but surely to exercise their profissão.Difícil accept a salary in exchange of insegurança.Médicos are not gods, do need to better remuneration, must also infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the population, need political support, pricing policies need professional such as the creation of medical professionals career, as well as with police officers, judges, etc..

What the Brazilian government does not see is their incompetence. Do not just medical care, you need to invest massively in health. There is, however, a positive intention in this import health professionals. If it works, maybe we can also extend this policy to other areas and solve some bottlenecks Brazilians. Maybe we can also import honest politicians. And I is not even need 6000.

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