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More than 100,000 people were without service in the town of Pibor. About 3000 were treated in hospital this year

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Hospital Doctors Without Borders was destroyed in Pibor, in South Sudan
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Hospital Doctors Without Borders was destroyed in Pibor, in South Sudan

The international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) had its hospital in Pibor, South Sudan, destroyed in the midst of armed conflict between the SPLA, South Sudan's army and armed militia David YauYau.

According to information from the institution, the destruction was intentionally conducted to make the health facility dead, taking about 100 000 people remain unaddressed.

Therapeutic food and beds were stolen from hospital during the second week of May. A tremendous effort was made to destroy the stock of medicines to cut down the tents and warehouses, to plunder the wards of the hospital and even to cut electricity cables, pulling them from the walls, says Richard Veerman, coordinator of operations MSF in South Sudan

The MSF hospital is the only hospital facility in the province of Pibor, the closest alternative is more than 150 km away. Three thousand patients were treated in the first three months of the year in this hospital. More than 100 patients, including the SPLA soldiers underwent surgery for war wounds.

<b> Brazilian physician worked on site </ b>

Brazilian doctor Mark Leitao, a resident of the West in Santa Barbara, São Paulo, worked in office management project for MSF in Pibor for a month. He left the place about 15 days before the destruction. The hospital is right in the forehead, where government soldiers and armed militia is facing, and who suffers most is the local population, he says. Worked hearing gunshots, he said.

Previously, he was in countries like Niger, with project meningitis vaccination; Haiti during the cholera epidemic, and Afghanistan, where MSF had to suspend attendance because of a homemade bomb inside the hospital. However, he said, three years of work with the organization ever witnessed sad situation.

Although not deal with patients directly, Marcos closely followed cases like that of a mother who came to the MSF hospital in shock after, along with your baby, have been shot at. She was never shot, but was absolutely exhausted in shock after walking three days and three nights with her baby on her back. They had no food or water. The sole of her foot was burned from walking barefoot on hot sand and the clothes were torn. She could not walk properly and not tell him what had happened, he said.

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