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Provab only meets 33% of demand for doctors in North and Northeast

Of 7,270 physicians requested by municipalities, 2,440 were hired to work in 731 municipalities

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The Programme for the Enhancement of Primary Care (Provab) met only 33% of the demand for medical municipalities in the North and Northeast regions, which focus greater shortage of professionals. Of 7,270 physicians requested by municipalities, 2,440 were hired to work in 731 municipalities. They are allocated to Basic Health Units of the peripheries, the interior and remote areas. The full balance of the program was presented by the Secretary of Strategic Management and Participation of the Ministry of Health, Odorico Monteiro, on Tuesday (28), in São Luís (MA) during the 4th meeting of the Tripartite Commission (ITC), 2013 , which will be attended by the municipal health secretaries North and Northeast.

Across the country, are 3,800 participants in 1,307 municipalities, equivalent to 29% pointed to the need to hire 13,000 professionals. The Northeast is the region with the greatest shortage of professionals in Brazil: 6,159 doctors were asked by municipalities. And only 36% of requests were met, 2,241 professionals were to 645 cities. It is the region of the country that had the largest number of doctors and participating municipalities.

The Provab is another initiative of the Ministry of Health designed to address one of the challenges of the NHS, doctors have more well trained and closer to the people who need it, says Health Minister Alexandre Padilha, which also emphasizes the effort, along with the Ministry of Education in open spaces medicine in regions that lack these professionals and healthcare facilities suitable for professional training.

In addition to initiatives like Provab, Minister highlights the possibility of bringing foreign doctors to work in primary care in the country, which has been done in some countries like England and Canada, who faced the difficulty of bringing doctors to the interior. We are moving forward in negotiations, assessing what has been done in other countries, and we already know that the ministry will only behind well-trained doctors, who have a prior assessment, and complement this training doctor with permanent supervision of Brazilian universities, said Minister. Parallel to attract physicians, we invest in infrastructure, first opened a credit line of R $ 1.6 billion for renovation, expansion and construction of UBS. However, the need for infrastructure improvements can not be a reason to prevent the attraction of doctors, he added.

In the Northeast, Ceara achieved the highest number of professionals through Provab, 691 doctors were hired to work in 141 municipalities. Then comes the Bahia, with 484 professionals in 152 municipalities. Pernambuco has Provab by 321 physicians in 90 cities. The Paraíba has 191 in 65 counties. Maranhão has 152 professionals in 44 cities. Already Rio Grande do Norte has 138 physicians in 48 counties. To Piaui were 117 professionals in 50 cities. Alagoas attracted 86 doctors in 30 counties. And Sergipe won 61 physicians in 25 counties.

In the North, 18% of the demand was met: the 1,111 medical applications, only 199 went to 86 counties. The Para led the quantity of new practicing physicians are 95 doctors in 37 counties. The Amazonas received 36 doctors to work in 12 counties. To Rondônia were 25 doctors to work in 16 municipalities. Tocantins received 15 physicians in 11 counties. Roraima received 11 doctors for two counties. To Acre were 10 doctors in five counties. And Amapá received 7 physicians in three counties.

After the Northeast, the Southeast was the region that attracted more doctors: there were 821 to 333 cities, the Midwest received 227 physicians in 91 cities and the South received 312 professionals in 152 cities. The lack of health professionals is occurring because we are creating jobs and extending the coverage of primary, average and high complexity. This extension absorbed skilled labor, explains Odorico.

Doctors Provab participants receive a monthly stipend of U.S. $ 8000, paid in full by the Ministry of Health and must meet 32 ​​hours per week of practical activities in the Basic Health Units (BHU) and eight hours a week for a postgraduate degree in Health Family lasting 12 months. Over the past few years, we have expanded access to health services and now we are concentrating efforts to invest in training, says Secretary.

To ensure the quality of service, the performance of these professionals is supervised by 55 institutions and Teaching Hospitals. Supervision is done monthly. Physicians who meet the established activities in the program and receive a minimum score of seven on the assessment will score an additional 10% in exams residency, according to the resolution of the National Medical Residency (CNRM). The final evaluation is performed in three ways by the supervisor, worth 50% of grade, 30% by the manager and the team in which he will act, and 20% by self-assessment.

Participating physicians have access to the tools of Brazil Telehealth Network, a program that promotes the orientation of the Primary Care professionals through teleconsultation with specialized centers located in educational institutions and governing bodies.

Another tool available is the Evidence-Based Health Portal, a platform that provides a free database composed of scientific papers, publications systematically reviewed and other tools (such as medical calculators and statistical analysis) to assist decision making in the diagnosis, treatment and management.

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