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Most micro-organisms present in backpacks and bags are harmless

According to professor of microbiology USP, purses women between 16 and 22 years are the most infected

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"Because it is a closed environment, backpacks favor the proliferation of micro-organisms to the toilets which are open environments with constant cleaning process." The information comes from Professor Mário Henrique de Barros, Department of Microbiology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of São Paulo (ICB-USP). He notes, however, that most micro-organisms are harmless to human health.

Although the eviction of micro-organisms in the bathroom is larger, there is always removing them as purse or backpack, they are more confined and are somewhat uncomfortable. The teacher assured, however, that most of these microbes are harmless. Over 90% of micro-organisms have their lives free. They can subsist on their own. A small fraction cause disease. And those are harder to find in the environment. Need a host. But, in general, is quiet.

Mário Henrique de Barros said, even that is healthy that we have contact with micro-organisms. Because that stimulates our ability to respond to those that are pathogenic for real. We will activate our immune system for when those micro-organisms that have an arsenal of virulence biggest come attack us, we be more prepared.

<b> handbags women are more infected 16 to 22 years </ b>

The assessment by the biomedical Figueiredo, the stage of life of women in the bags had a higher index of microbes is in the range of 16 or 17 years to 22 years. It is the phase in which the handbag is more contaminated. Why is the phase where the woman goes to ballads, at night, which makes the bag on the bathroom floor, put the bag on the car floor. And when you go to a mall, the food court, puts the bag on the table, and when you get home, put the bag on the bed, he said.

In these places, emphasized, there may be germs. Figueiredo said surveys indicated by the presence of salmonella bacteria in some bags, which can be in the environment and carrying bag. He recommended that handbags should be cleaned periodically. At least once a week. Each bag has its technical hygiene. The backpack fabric, for example, can be washed, said.

Other care, according to the biomedical, are to avoid leaving the bag on the floor, bringing with him a metal hanger to hang the bags on the tables where the person is. To avoid placing the bag on the floor of the car, the recommendation is to leave it in the trunk. You should also avoid leaving the bags on the table and mainly laid it on the bed, because she may be bringing all these germs to your home and your children. This is how they are transported.

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