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More doctors: the citizen can not wait

(Minister of Health, Alexandre Padilha

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The Health Minister Alexandre Padilha
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The Health Minister Alexandre Padilha

Attracting foreign doctors to Brazil can not be taboo. Approaches this theme, sometimes prejudiced, can not mask the fact: Brazil needs more doctors with quality and closer to the population.

We have 1.8 doctor for every 1,000 Brazilians index below developed countries such as the UK (2.7), Portugal (4) Spain (4) and other Latin Americans as Argentina (3.2) and Mexico (2 .)

If the national point of view, the scarcity of these professionals is already smoldering, the regional disparities make the picture even more dramatic: 22 states have less than the national average, as Maranhão (0.58), Amapá (0.76) and Pará ( 0.77). Even in São Paulo, only five regions are above the national rate, leaving the state with 2.49 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants.

Thus, it is not surprising that almost 60% of the population, according to IPEA, point to lack of doctors as the biggest problem SUS. The population, as well as managers, know that health is not no doctor.

From 2003 to 2011, there were 147,000 first job vacancies for doctors, but only 93,000 have graduated. In addition to this deficit, the Ministry of Health investment in new hospitals, PSUs (emergency care) and basic units will require the hiring of over 26,000 doctors by 2014.

In the poorest areas, is the riverside communities in the Amazon, is on the outskirts of São Paulo, the difficulty for physicians to the population is chronic: in some cases, wages paid up to the ministers of the Supreme Court and career plans regional not enough.

It was this critical node leading mayors from across the country to press the federal government for measures to bring more doctors to close the population. To address this reality, the Ministries of Health and Education are examining successful models adopted in other countries with similar difficulties.

First, we are working to encourage young Brazilian who embrace the mission of saving lives as a profession, with actions such as the Program for the Enhancement of Primary Care (Provab), which offers scholarship to R $ 8,000 per month and 10% bonus on tests residence who works in underserved areas, and the expansion of places in medical schools and residency to train specialists.

But eight years of training is too long for sufferers waiting to be answered.

International experience has pointed to two strategies complement each other: one in which the physician submits to validation qualification examination and obtains the right to practice medicine in any region, and other specific areas most in need, in which grants special authorization to operate restricted to that area, in primary care, for a fixed period.

Adopted in developed countries, these actions represented a decisive gain capacity. In England, for example, almost 40% of doctors graduated in acting in other countries index that is 25% in the United States, 22% in Canada and 17% in Australia, while in Brazil, only 1% of professionals formed abroad.

The debate has been conducted responsibly. There is not a definite proposal, but some points have been discarded: there will be no automatic validation of diploma, not admit professionals from countries with fewer doctors than Brazil, and will attract only professionals trained in educational institutions authorized and recognized in their countries of origin.

Thus, attract qualified professionals will be one of the measures to bring more doctors to where Brazilians need most.

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