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Country encourages donating breast milk to babies at risk

Currently, Brazil has a deficit of 40% in the supply of breast milk for babies in ICUs

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"Para você é leite. Para a criança é vida"

Every woman who is breastfeeding can be a donor milk. Disseminate this message is the goal of the World Day of Human Milk Donation, celebrated today (19). In Brazil, to encourage the practice, will be launched on Wednesday (22), the Ministry of Health, the campaign Donate breast milk and help change the future of many children.

Despite the increase of milk banks in the country, there is a deficit of about 40% to meet the newborns in intensive care units, as explained by the coordinator of the Brazilian Network of Human Milk Banks (RBLH), João de Almeida Aprígio War . According to him, without the help of donor mothers, this percentage tends to be higher in the coming years.

Unfortunately, on one hand, and thankfully, the other, with the advancement of medicine more babies would not likely to survive as those who are born with 600 grams, are surviving, said Aprígio. These are children who have to worry about meeting completed.

Recommended by the World Health Organization, breast milk is the best food for all babies. It has nutrients and antibodies that prevent diseases such as dengue and cholera and can prevent the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity in adulthood. Moreover, it is related to the development of the baby's intelligence.

Imagine a newborn born with six months is premature, is not ready to face a number of environmental factors, your immune system is not ready. For these children, in some situations, I can say that the milk comes to set up as a survival factor reinforces the doctor.

Donating breast milk is simple and has the support of a network that seeks the bottle in the house of the donor. Then the milk is processed and stored so you can feed premature or underweight, in hospitals. The mothers of these children, the stress of seeing their babies with problems, have difficulty breastfeeding.

To donate, the nursing mother should be informed of the proceedings by the Health Hotline 136 or on the Internet site of the RBLH. Mother needs a separate pot of mayonnaise, for example, sterilize it in boiling water and put the milk in the container's left of breastfeeding's own son.

The network of milk banks in Brazil is one of the largest in the world, with 211 collection centers. In Rio, donations are organized by the National Institute of Women's Health, Child and Adolescent Fernandes Figueira (IFF), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

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