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Research USP shows how work pressures cause mental disorders

According to the researchers, workplace violence occurs humiliation, harassment, and physical and verbal aggression

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Study of Faculty of Public Health, University of São Paulo (USP) showed how mental disorders can be linked to pressures imposed on the desktop.

According to the research coordinator, the occupational physician João Silvestre da Silva-Junior, workplace violence occurs humiliation, harassment, and physical and verbal aggression. He listed four main reasons that affect mental health in the corporate environment.

The first is the high demand for labor. People have low control over their pace of work, they are asked to multiple and complex tasks, the researcher said. The other aspect is the bad interpersonal relationships, both vertical (with heads), and horizontal (among their own colleagues).

The third reason is the imbalance between effort and reward. You dedicate yourself to work, but does not have a suitable reward dedication. We do not speak only of money. Sometimes, an acknowledgment, a compliment to what you're playing, says Silvestre. The last aspect mentioned by the researcher is the excessive dedication to work, which can also affect mental health.

"Workplace violence occurs humiliation, harassment, and physical and verbal aggression"
The survey data were collected in higher unit volume of calls INSS of the state capital, the Glicério. Were heard 160 people with some type of mental disorder. Silvestre reports that among the people who asked the sickness in the past four years, an average of 10% had some kind of disorder.

Third <b> cause of absence </ b>

Mental disorders are the third reason for the removal of workers by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). According to the Statistical Yearbook of Social Security 2011, over 211,000 people were cut off due to mental disorders, generating an expense of R $ 213 million in benefit payments. When you understand what generates the clearances, you may establish measures to avoid the costs, he said. Mental illness only lost that year to absenteeism due sequelae of external causes such as accidents, and orthopedic diseases.

In São Paulo, the survey found a high presence of workers in the service sector, such as telemarketing operators, cleaning professionals and health with mental illnesses. But this variable the type of work did not appear significant in our study. She did not appear as something that influences the onset of disabling mental disorder, reports.

<b> Female </ b>

The survey showed that the predominant profile among clearances was female and high education (more than 11 years of schooling). But Silvestre alert for distortion, because women have greater health care, increasing the presence of women in the statistics.

The females have a higher chance of mental disorder is related to women having facility to report complaints. It is recognized that women seek doctors more easily, they have a greater health concern than men, he said. According to the scientist, the men take to go to the doctor and when they go, are in a more serious situation.

The education factor, according to the study, can affect the perception of the existence of diseases. Most departures occurs with individuals from high school, they are more enlightened. People can have a greater perception of the work environment is oppressive. When she realizes that there is a bad place to work, she has to get sick, have a psychological disorder and ends moving away, said.

To improve the climate at work and prevent diseases, Silvestre recommends that professionals working in the health and safety of the companies aware of where are the risk factors. It also suggests an improvement of inspection by the Ministries of Labour and Health

With information from the Agency Brazil

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