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Hospital pediatric emergency UFRJ closes for lack of medical

The unit's director says it is difficult to keep professionals due to the low wages and lack of benefits

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The emergency department of the Institute of Pediatrics Martagão Gesteira, linked to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), was closed by the direction of the unit due to lack of medical and hospital supplies. The institute, located in Fundão Island in northern Rio, meets serious pediatric cases.

According to director Edimilson Migowski, the emergence of the institute was the only one university hospital in Rio that worked for 24 hours and has been closed since Friday (26). The director pointed out that it is difficult to keep doctors in the unit due to the low salary.

These doctors are younger, receive a third or a quarter of what it would gain in other hospitals. They have no employment, no formal or benefits, as the thirteenth [salary]. I can not keep these people earning so little, said the director.

About the shortage of supplies, Migowski reported that two months ago a change in the criteria for purchases created a difficulty in the acquisition of drugs and supplies. According to him, lacking administrative sector employees to take care of the formalities of the bids, as many have left the unit, for various reasons, and there was no replacement of staff.

In a statement, the president of UFRJ, Carlos Levi, said the university is providing support to the direction of the institute to promote the actions needed in order for the sector to be resumed at the earliest possible. According to Levi, today (29) the rectory and the institute will organize a task force, comprised of servers from other sectors of the university, with the goal of strengthening the purchasing hospital.

The dean said this month were published tender notices for more than 100 vacancies for technical and administrative UFRJ, including emergency medical pediatric dentist for pediatrics and hospital administrator.

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