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The SUS we are building

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Faleiros Antonio Filho, Secretary of Health of Goiás
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Faleiros Antonio Filho, Secretary of Health of Goiás

Read and reflected on the article by Friar Marcos Sassatelli on SUS that kills the poor. I say to the Father and to the reader of the DM, is not this the NHS we want and we are building. Cases reported by the media realize that we recognize there is a demand dated years of comings and goings in the implementation of SUS in Goiás, which is the expansion of beds and better care.

Above all, have denounced the gap still we have faced in the establishment of public health policies, which have a structural nature, preventative, can avoid the injuries that generate each year, the enormous pressure for ICU beds, those who are last season of medicine in an effort to save lives.

Was thinking in these two areas of action, which launched in June 2011um Regionalized Hospital Care Plan, with the aim of promoting public and charity hospitals in the state to maintain inpatient beds, general surgery and ICU beds. The state investment is 54 million dollars annually and is being implemented in 11 municipalities. Lack little to reach the target initial total, which has resulted in the implementation of 114 new ICU beds in Goiás, with over 16 beds planned for the city of Goiás, so is formalized cooperation agreement in the coming weeks. We are now completing the studies of the second stage of the plan, involving the Regional São Luiz de Montes Beautiful, Itumbiara Itaberaí and Porangatu and Morrinhos expected to foster additional 40 ICU beds.

However, it is important to clarify that compliance with the guidelines of the SUS, the state encourages and gives contrast to municipalities to deploy their service networks. We went over last year, 58 million dollars to municipalities in Goiás. We have seen that there is still much that this commitment is being implemented uniformly and more efficient in all areas of the state. We will return shortly to the state level, the works of the Hospital of St. Anthony's Discovered.

I take this space to remind municipal leaders of the effort that is required in the structure of local government, in order to be able to participate in agreements with all documentation on time and well-prepared projects. This construction of a fairer health system, which can meet with quality patient care, through the support, involvement, accountability and empowerment of municipalities as well as autonomy for SES, in applying the resources sector, as well as we have advocated.

Repriso that improvements in hospital care can now be seen in health facilities under the management of social organizations and that this model is efficient to perform the standard of quality due to our server.

We are seeking to recover the condition of SES to conduct public policy macro-structuring able to predict injuries, the pressure and demands of anticipating problems. Only then the NHS will be able to actually meet the goals of providing health care to the Brazilians.

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