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Occupational diseases cause over 2 million deaths each year

Survey released on Tuesday by the ILO seeks the implementation of policies for prevention of occupational diseases

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According to research published by the International Labour Organization (ILO), on Tuesday (23) for a total of 2.34 million fatal accidents each year, only 321,000 are due to accidents. The remaining 2.02 million deaths are caused by various types of work-related illnesses, which equates to a daily average of more than 5.5 million deaths.

"The absence of adequate prevention of occupational diseases has profound negative effects not only on workers and their families, but also in society due to the enormous cost generated, particularly with regard to loss of productivity and overloading of social security systems. A prevention is more effective and has less cost than treatment and rehabilitation. All countries can take concrete steps now to improve their ability to prevent occupational diseases and work-related, "say those responsible for estdudo.

As happens every year, the ILO Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment produced a report which serves to deepen the theme. This year, the organization called on governments, employers and workers to collaborate in developing and implementing policies and strategies aimed at preventing occupational diseases.

According to the report, developing countries pay a high price especially in deaths and injuries, because a large number of people are employed in dangerous activities such as agriculture, construction, fishing and mining.

<b> Safety and Health at Work </ b>

- 2.02 million people die each year due to work-related illnesses.

- 321,000 people die each year as a result of accidents at work.

- 160 million people suffering from lethal diseases not related to work.

- 317 million non-fatal workplace accidents occur every year.

<b> This means that: </ b>

- Every 15 seconds a worker dies of injuries or illnesses related to work.

- Every 15 seconds, 115 workers are working an accident.

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