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Acetone level in the body is higher in patients with heart failure

Research shows link between USP breath of patients and disease. Substance functions as a marker of disease severity

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Study shows that patients suffering from heart failure acetone produce more than normal. This substance is capable of functioning as a marker of disease severity. From a clinical observation in which it was found an odor exhaled by patients with the disease, the medical Fabiana Goulart Marcondes Braga, one of the researchers of the project sought to determine a possible relationship between the odor exhaled by the breath of patients and disease. We entered the room of a patient with advanced stage and realized that there was a different smell. However, the patient came to the clinic with the same disease stage but less severe, not exuded the same odor. It was not bad breath, but a smell means sweet, and from this we get what could be. The study was conducted in São Paulo, Heart Institute (Incor), the Faculty of Medicine (FM) and the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) of USP.

The researchers developed a simple portable device to collect the air exhaled by patients. The equipment allowed the substances contained in the air are mixed at a level of water contained within the instrument. The collected material was then frozen for later analysis.The equipment is already used by the researcher in further examinations with patients at the Heart Institute. The interesting thing is the way it is made air capture, because it does not involve the collection of blood and in about five minutes, the collection process is finalized, says, pointing out that the method is non-invasive and the patient just blows, as in a breathalyzer test. There is also no risk of contracting infections ensures Fabiana.

Were three separate groups for analysis: one with people without any cardiac disease, one with outpatients who had heart failure, but in a stable, and a third group of patients who came to the emergency room with a severity of disease higher , presenting a clinical picture more advanced. The third group was subdivided into two, according to the clinical profile that we identified in care, says Fabiana.

Samples were collected from exhaled air of all patients with the aid of the device developed for this research. Chemical analysis of the samples was also taken by researcher Guilherme Lopes Baptist IQ. The results showed that among patients with heart disease, the level of acetone was much higher than among healthy. And the group of people who arrived in the emergency room with a more severe stage of heart failure, the level of the same substance was higher compared to those who were at the clinic, with stable disease. Thus we have, through this same substance define levels of production by the body according to the stage of heart failure. Besides the objective of which was to identify the substance, we can verify that it was a marker of disease severity.

From the point of identification of the substance that caused the odor in the breath of patients, the study sought to look at what time it is produced by the human body. In the pilot study was analyzed only a smaller group of patients, to try to understand what it means, and realized that the substance was the same among patients, the doctor describes. From there, with a larger group of people, try to understand that when this substance is produced by the body and at what levels.

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