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Officials from China confirmed 60 cases of H7N9 infection

On Sunday, the Shanghai municipality reported 24 cases of infection. Total number of people killed by the flu reaches 13

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China on Sunday reported 11 new H7N9 human infections, bringing the total number of such cases around the country to 60.

As of Sunday, Shanghai Municipality has reported 24 infection cases after three men were confirmed to be infected with the new strain on Saturday afternoon.

Those three men include a 73-year-old man surnamed Zhu, a 54-year-old man, surnamed Song and a 78-year-old man, surnamed Chen. They were all developed symptoms of fever earlier this month and were sent to hospital for treatment.

Shanghai Municipal Health & Family Planning Commission on Saturday afternoon confirmed that the three were tested positive for H7N9 bird flu virus.

Twenty-five people, who had closely contact with the three men, have been in medical observation, and none of them has yet shown flu symptoms.

Meanwhile, the city also reported two deaths on Sunday, bringing the death toll from H7N9 in the country to 13 as of Sunday.

A 67-year-old woman, surnamed Cao and a 77-year-old man surnamed Wang died in hospital on Saturday night and Sunday morning, respectively, said the commission.

According to the Bureau of Health of east China's Jiangsu Province, a 50-year-old man surnamed Liu and a 26-year-old man surnamed Shan have been confirmed to be infected with H7N9 virus, while 29 people who have closely contacted with the two have shown nothing abnormal so far.

In the neighboring Zhejiang Province, according to a statement from the provincial health department, four people have been tested positive for H7N9. And the four are still in critical conditions.

More, the H7N9 bird flu has spread to central China's Henan Province and the capital of Beijing in north after two new infection cases were reported in Henan on Sunday morning and one child were tested positive for the strain on Saturday.

As of now, 60 H7N9 human infection cases have been reported nationwide with 24 in Shanghai, 16 in Jiangsu, 15 in Zhejiang, two in Anhui, two in Henan and one in Beijing. Of the 60 infected people, 13 were died.

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