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CFM support abortion up to 12 months of gestation divides physicians

Article signed by the presidents of the APM and the AMA says that this is not the thought of all Brazilian doctors

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Widely publicized throughout the country, the position of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) to defend the right to abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy, now divides the medical profession.

Article disclosed on Monday (01), signed by the presidents of the Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM), Florisval Meinão, and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), Florentino Cardoso says that it is essential to clarify that this is not the thought all Brazilian doctors.

Medicine is a science of life that cares and respects priority. Children at up to 12 weeks of gestation are living beings. So approve the autonomy outright mother about pregnancy termination amounts to agree with the elimination of life without further justification. This practice is inconsistent with the principles of medicine, in the opinion of a significant portion of physicians, the article says.

Therefore, we consider the precipitate indicative of a medical entity, the forcefully as it did, on a subject so delicate and controversial subject, which should be widely debated by society as a whole. Doctors, like any other social group obviously have a right to express their opinions. However, by not reflect the consensus of medical professionals, the manifestation of CFM can confuse public opinion and even hurt the image of doctors to the population,

The proposal brought to Congress by Federal CFM was approved with the support of the 27 regional councils of Medicine (CRMs), in the 1st National Meeting of the Boards of Medicine 2013, according to President Luiz Roberto d'Avila, This is a set of proposals to expand the possibilities of abortion in discussion on reforming the Brazilian Penal Code, since last year in the Senate.

We are pro-life, but we want to respect the autonomy of the woman until the 12th week, has already made the decision to perform the termination of pregnancy, "said the president of CFM Luiz Roberto d'Avila, last week.

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