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Dengue cases in the Federal District increased 75% in 2013

About 80 to 90% of the foci of Aedes aegypti are found inside houses. The situation is serious throughout the Midwest

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The health secretary, Rafael Barbosa, released this Thursday (21), in Taguaparque in Wansbeck, the bulletin epidemiology of dengue in the Federal District. The data reveal that in the first twelve weeks of 2013 the number of confirmed cases increased 75% over the same period 2012. The number of notifications rose by 141.5% compared with the same period last year.

About 80 to 90% of outbreaks of the mosquito Aedes aegypti are found by Environmental Surveillance Agents inside the residences. "We appeal to the people to receive the agents of the Environmental Monitoring and contribute removing trash and eliminating situations that favor the proliferation of the mosquito that transmits the disease," warned Health Secretary remembering that the participation of each resident is essential to end dengue.

The situation is worrying not only in the Federal District, but across the country, mainly in the Midwest. The cities of Goiânia-GO and Campo Grande-MS are experiencing dengue epidemic. Closer to the DF, the municipalities of Aguas Lindas de Goias and the Santo Antonio Discovered-GO warn about the outbreak.

According to data from the Information System for Notifiable Diseases (SINAN), from January 1 to March 20, 2013, were reported 2908 suspected dengue cases in the Federal District, of which 435 were confirmed as indigenous (transmission in DF ), 522 were imported from other units of the federation, and received care in the health of the DF.

The cities with the highest incidence of autochthonous dengue are Ceilândia (69), Wansbeck (42), Sobradinho II (36), Fern (29) and San Sebastian (24), respectively. So far, virological surveillance identified the movement of virus types 1 and 4 in the DF.

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