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Application for smartphones created at USP helps in controlling tuberculosis

With Android operating system, the registry software helps to monitor the treatment of patients

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USP researchers use mobile application installed on smartphones with Android operating system to operate an integrated and standardized registry for monitoring the treatment of patients with tuberculosis. The application was created by Professor Dominic Alves, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto (FMRP), USP, and two students under his guidance.

The city of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, the high number of cases of the disease, was chosen for the pilot deployment of this new technology, which already receives support from the State Department and the Ministry of Health to expand its use in other municipalities in Brazil.

One of the project coordinators, teacher Scatena Villa Tereza Cristina, Nursing School of Ribeirão Preto (EERP) USP states that the duration of treatment may be at least six months, and the ingestion of drugs need to be monitored and recorded daily by a health professional. In this sense, she says, the application allows the trader has easy access to registration information and monitoring of the patient. It can also enter new information for the clinical management of the case, as examinations (smear and RX), treatment regimen, and to review actions of the people who came into contact with patients, since tuberculosis is transmitted by air.

The teacher also highlights that many TB patients receive the medication daily in their own homes and this fact justifies even more the importance of the use of mobile technology [smartphones], since health professionals will have on the mobile screen information for all better monitoring of the patient, allowing you to update information in real time.

The aim is also, she says, the device replaces many forms of monitoring cases of tuberculosis, so the information will be recorded and supplemented through weekly and monthly reports, with the Information System on State and National Tuberculosis. Thus will be avoided loss of information and allowed a real assessment of the epidemiological situation of the disease. Using this innovative technology also allow the systematic collation of information. Thus, professionals have access to user data centralized in one location, facilitating decision-making in relation to therapy and avoiding duplication of records.

As for the patient, the advantages are many. He will have a decrease in expenses with the service, it may schedule appointments and receive information during medication supervised at home.

Tests <b> </ b>

Tests of the new application began in January this year in a Health Unit of Ribeirão Preto. According Nathalia Halax, master's degree student and one of the EERP responsible for testing, along with Nathalia Crepaldi, graduated in Biomedical Informatics USP, this initiative is very motivating for everyone and especially for the health professionals, who recognize the importance of the device in the systematization of records. The interest of professionals goes beyond the expected. They believe that patients and service itself have much to gain from the use of mobile technology in terms of access to information updated exam results and other complications that occur during treatment, says Natalie.

Until earlier this month, the registration was done about 30 patients being treated at the Health Unit, for adjustments, and professional training for the use of mobile technology management assistance to TB.

<i> With the information USP </ i>

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