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Spending on sanitation should be raised in the health budget, says Funasa

For organ, untying sanitation healthcare term increase to the country offer basic sanitation

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The president of the National Health Foundation (Funasa), Gilson de Carvalho, defended the maintenance of investment in sanitation floor health. To the engineer, the untying of sanitation health care will increase the time for the country able to provide basic sanitation, plumbing and treatment of sewage, residents of the most disadvantaged.

Defined by Amendment 29, the minimum percentages floor health determines health investment by the federal government, states and municipalities. The Union must apply corresponding value provided in the budget of the previous year, adjusted by the change in GDP. States should apply the 12% they collect annually in taxes and municipalities 15% of its revenue.

"One of the best preventive health is a healthy environment with sewage and waste collection. This brings the economy to health care services, reduces the queue of health services and reduces cases of infectious and parasitic diseases. With untying, lost resources required for the transfer, which could be used in preventive actions. "

Gilson de Carvalho participated today (18) the opening of the 4th International Seminar in Public Health Engineering, organized by Funasa. The foundation's president urged researchers and professionals entering the debate so that in next year's budget, the resources are maintained, "we have to redo the discussion and take maturely to Congress for condition there opinions and reach a conclusion.

According to Gilson, one of the main criticisms of the inclusion of spending on health sanitation floor was on the high investments that consume these works. He says, however, that the proposal is to include spending on health ground only about five thousand of municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants, where universal service is considered more difficult.

The researcher Ana Emilia Ortega-Solis, the Pan American Health Organization, did not specifically mention this thread, and defended investments in sanitation as an important part of health care, "sanitation is an essential human right, a crucial part of health and indisputable health services. should be a fundamental part in the growth process. "

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