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One in four men over age 50 have prostate problems

From the age of 80, the benign enlargement of the organ reaches more than 90% of patients; touch examination is still "rejected"

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A survey conducted in the outpatient urology Reference Center of Men's Health, in Sao Paulo, shows that 25% of men over 50 years has called benign prostatic hyperplasia, ie, benign prostate enlargement. From the age of 65, this number grows to 30%, and after 80 years, the incidence rate of the disease is 90%.

The prostate is responsible for producing sperm and weighs about 20 grams. The growth of the gland is normal throughout the years, however, when the prostatic cells invade surrounding tissues, bladder and urethra are compressed and cause the first symptom of the disease which is the difficulty in urination.

The retention capacity of the bladder is also reduced and the patient begins to feel the need to go to the bathroom more often, especially at night.

Man must rise several times during the night to urinate. By day breaks are also constant and can impair work performance or preventing a travel distance, for example. The disease ends up compromising their quality of life, highlights the medical service coordinator Claudio Murta.

The problem can be hereditary father or brother with Hyperplasia represent three times more likely to develop the disease and is linked also to high fat intake.

Diagnosis is made through the PSA test (prostate specific antigen), laboratory test that measures the levels of this substance and serves as a biomarker, beyond the physical examination of the prostate, known by touch.

Importantly, no man will feel pain directly in the prostate, it is essential for the achievement of annual check-up from the age of 45, says the expert.

<b> Examination touch: 20% still refuse </ b>

In 2011, more than 15 000 men aged between 45 and 70 years spent in medical consultations with groups of oncology and prostate pathologies in the hospital. Of this total, about 80% already knew the exam and its importance in the early detection of prostate diseases, and accepted the role of expert. The remaining 20%, about three thousand patients, did the exam.

Experts relate the search result to cultural issues, the man who still associate the sole provider of the family, strong and immune diseases.

We can say that men are more conscious and, influenced by his wife and children, seek more medical help. Even so, they still live less than women. Our job is to end the uncertainty by creating a trusting relationship with these patients, exemplifies Murta.

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