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SUS will expand actions to care for victims of sexual violence

According to government initiative will streamline and humanize care, expedite the issuance of expert reports

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Decree signed by President Dilma Rousseff, on Wednesday (13), will integrate the care for victims of sexual violence carried out by public safety professionals and the Single Health System (SUS).

As reported by the government, the initiative will streamline and humanize care, expedite the issuing of expert opinions. The actions undertaken in partnership between the Ministries of Health and Justice, with support from the Secretariat of Policies for Women of the Presidency of the Republic, part of the federal program Woman: Living without Violence, released on the same date, at a ceremony at the Presidential Palace.

We will prepare hospitals to collect evidence and to train health teams to meet girls and women victims of sexual violence. This act of humanization and production of evidence is a potential breakthrough for not agreeing with that trauma when a woman has denounced violence. Fighting impunity is necessary, said Rousseff.

With the new decision is part of the actions of the Institutes of Forensic Medicine, with the assessment made by health professionals, the detailed examination, evidence collection traces that will be made in health services, are evidence for the IML time to punish those responsible for violence against women, this will prevent women from having to travel to the morgue after being treated at the clinic, "said Health Minister Alexandre Padilha.

<b> Restructuring </ b>

The Ministry of Health will invest in the first stage of the program, about $ 13.1 million in the acquisition of equipment, renovations and expansion to 85 reference hospitals of the capital to assist women raped. Later, the service will be extended to priority areas - with higher incidence, border regions and health regions, according to the state plans to combat violence.

In 2012, about 8000 women who experienced sexual violence were treated in public health. The presidential decree envisages improving the systems, protocols, procedures and flows of collecting evidence of sexual crime. There are also plans to train 1,124 professionals SUS by experts from the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) to perform collection, storage and transport of trace collected on clinical examination and the subsequent submission of the victim in cases provided by law, the public security organs and the justice system.

Training <b> public safety professionals </ b>

Public safety professionals will also be trained to care for victims in cases of sexual violence, especially those who work in offices specializing in care for women, children and adolescents.

Every woman, child and adolescent between 10 and 12 years old victim of sexual violence treated at health facilities reference receive emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy resulting from rape, antiretroviral therapy and vaccines to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS.

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