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Suspended pass the Family Health Program for nine municipalities of Rio

Shutdown professionals, problems with workload and documentation were some of the problems encountered

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Irregularities in the registration of players and teams of the Family Health Program led the Health Ministry to suspend the transfer of funds to nine municipalities of the state of Rio Barra do Pirai, Belford Roxo, Nilópolis, Nova Friburgo, Nova Iguaçu, Paty of Ensign, Rio de Janeiro, São Gonçalo and Sink had the money on January withheld by the federal government.

In the city, the irregularities were found in four of Family Health Teams (FHT), an Oral Health Team (ESB) and 23 Community Health Agents (ACS). The Municipal Health informed through a statement that the problem was due to the shutdown of professionals mismatch workload and incomplete documentation in the record system in the National Register of Health Care Facilities. According to the Secretariat, the problem occurs because the entry of new professionals in the program is very dynamic.

The Rio has FHS 837, 254 and 3787 ACS ESB that, according to the memo, are providing the regularization of the registration of teams and players. According to the department, the value of the transfer is suspended U.S. $ 60 000, a total of $ 300 million. The expectation is that the situation should be remedied next month.

Throughout Brazil, the transfers were suspended to 479 municipalities. Problems were found in 468 FHS, 444 ESB and 3350 ACS. According to the ministry, the problem is the lack of updating the register, which creates duplicity of professional condition vetoed by program rules.

The state with the most cities is suspended Bahia, with 75, followed by Maranhão, with 64, and Minas Gerais, with 52. Amapá and Rondônia have only one city on the list. The municipality with the highest number of irregularities was Bethlehem (PA), with problems in six FHS, an ESB and 49 CHA. According to the Department of Health of Bethlehem, Secretary Joaquim Pereira Ramos is studying the case.

The ministry reminds the check register is routine and the suspension of the transfer of money takes place regularly. To start receiving the funds, the municipality simply update the registration on the internet. Once the situation is rectified, the transfer back to be done.

Throughout Brazil, there are more than 33 000 Family Health Teams, teams of 21 000 and 255 000 Oral Health Community Health Agents Each ESF is comprised of one doctor, one nurse, one assist and six community workers. The ESB have a dentist, dental assistant and dental health technician.

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