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Urinary incontinence affects 53% of the sexuality of women

Sexual disorder is twice as high in women with involuntary urine loss, according to research Unifesp

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The involuntary loss of urine so devastating affects quality of life. Women, however, are the most affected, including sexually, since this problem is more common in females.

A survey conducted in Voiding Dysfunction Clinic of the Hospital / University Hospital of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) points out that among the 163 sexually active women evaluated, mean age 50 years, 53% of those who suffer from incontinence Urinary dysfunction have sex. This index was two times lower (23%) in the group without loss of urine (control group).

According to Fernando Almeida, urologist and leader of the research presented as a master thesis at Unifesp by physiotherapist Mariana Rhein, we evaluated several points relating to sexuality, among them the desire and sexual satisfaction, comfort and harmony with your partner. In all parameters studied in both groups, the results were worse in women with incontinence, he said. Mainly because 44% of them, there is loss of urine during sexual intercourse, which hinders not only the desire but also orgasm.

Many can be the cause of involuntary loss of urine. These include genetic factors, obesity, pregnancy, postpartum, and trauma surgery in the pelvic region and overactive bladder. "But the most common is still the result of effort or stress, says urologist.

<b> Treatment is simple and effective </ b>

Fear and shame of exposing the problem to the specialist postpones treatment, which is simple and effective in 90% of cases, by up to 10 years.

Fernando Almeida explains that the treatment consists mainly in the strengthening of the muscles of the pelvic region with physiotherapy or surgery with a low risk to the patient.

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