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Looking for rapid HIV tests fold in Old Town after the carnival

Condom breakage, excessive drink and unprotected sex are among the causes that lead users to take tests

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About 1,500 patients are enrolled in the Program STD / HIV / AIDS of Vila Velha
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About 1,500 patients are enrolled in the Program STD / HIV / AIDS of Vila Velha

The municipality of Vila Velha (ES) recorded double the demand for HIV testing. There are about 30 patients who seek to testing each day, while at other times the daily average no more than 15 patients.

According to the program coordinator of AIDS and STDs, Luciano Salvador, this is due to attitudes to risk unprotected sex, very common during the holiday, like the carnival. The user who submits the demand or condom breakage during sex or drinking too much, lost his head and forgot to use a condom.

According to the Municipal Health Department, around the year 2012 the program conducted 3,565 HIV tests, whose results are announced within 15 minutes after blood collection. In the past 96 years tests were reactive, ie tested positive for the HIV virus. The month that we had more new cases of HIV in Vila Velha was July, with 15 examinations reagents, Salvador Luciano stressed.

Also according to informed the secretariat, where the result is reactant, patient immediately begins to be accompanied by a team of professionals and will be registered in the program STD / HIV / AIDS. As part of this program, he will receive no cost all medication and medical care. We have found in our pharmacy all antiretrovirals (specific medication for the treatment of patients with HIV), and the choice of cure will depend upon review of infectious diseases and clinical examinations of the patient, said Luciano.

Currently, about 1,500 patients with HIV are registered in the system in Vila Velha. They are assisted by an infectious disease doctor, a gynecologist, a gastroenterologist, a proctologist, and four nurses, a pharmaceutical biochemistry, a social worker and a dentist. If the patient requires a physician of another specialty program for professional forwards available in the municipal health, said Luciano Salvador.

<b> syphilis testing </ b>

In the city, the program also conducts testing for other sexually transmitted diseases. In 2012 were collected in Vila Velha 1816 VDRL tests (to detect syphilis), with 113 cases reagents. Testing for the detection of Hepatitis B (HBsAg) were 2557, 16 results reagents. In the case of Hepatitis C, the recorded program 2416 tests, and 23 positive results. As in the case of HIV test, all other tests STD disclosure are made in 15 minutes. We just do not release on the same day when the tests are carried out on Friday. The patient will need to return on Monday, said the program coordinator.

<b> specialized service for children </ b>

Old Town also has the Specialized Paediatric (Paediatric SAE), which serves children who are born infected with HIV, contracted during pregnancy or childbirth. This team has two doctors infectious pediatricians, and other professionals caring for the adult population. Women diagnosed with HIV who are pregnant or become pregnant by chance have a special monitoring so that during pregnancy and childbirth is avoided contamination of the baby. They receive medication during pregnancy and childbirth is monitored by experts, who ensure that there is no risk to the baby being infected. Eighteen children are assisted in SAE Pediatric Vila Velha. When lactating, any given free powdered milk, since the milk of the mother is a carrier of HIV contaminant. We supply milk powder, besides giving a medication to dry the mother's milk, preventing it gives the chest by carelessness or by pressure from relatives who are unaware of their HIV positive status.

<b> HIV Testing in neighborhoods </ b>

The program this year will reactivate the Itinerant CTA (Center for Counseling and Testing), which conducts testing in neighborhoods, as well as lectures on sexually transmitted diseases to the local community. The next neighborhood to be visited is still under review. The Itinerant CTA is a minibus which has an office users prepared to receive and perform blood collection for analysis and testing also 15 minutes for all STDs.

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