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Pregnant women protest against closure of maternity in Rio

Health workers and pregnant women protested Mayor Eduardo Paes charge to reopen hospital

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This area is highly valued by Port project Wonder. The policy of the mayor of Rio de Janeiro [Paes] is to end the public health. We are living a calendar in the Confederations Cup and the World Cup is a priority, to serve the tourists who visit the city. The government is investing in private hospitals, but leaves the public health side, criticized the director of the Union of Workers in Health and Welfare (Sindsprev), Julio Cesar Tavares. "Nearly 65% ​​of employees of motherhood are already defined transfer", reported on the status of Motherhood Praça XV.

According to the president of the nurses union, Monica Armada, the City Department of Health reported that the building of maternity needs large structural work, however, as it belongs to the Navy, was chosen for its closure. A spokesperson for the Navy would not confirm the reason for the closure.

The statement about the closure was announced on the eve of the carnival, without the servers and the patients had prior knowledge. Pregnant women in labor were transferred to other hospitals. According to Monica, mothers who are still in the maternity ward are being redirected to other hospitals in the region.

The Maternity Square XV works for approximately 30 years and is a reference in care to pregnant women and newborns at high risk. The unit makes an average of 4000 births per year, has 120 beds and a human milk bank. The hospital received the title of Friend of Children, awarded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF).

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