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Dengue cases in Rio das Ostras indicate epidemic in the city

With 116,000 inhabitants, county exceeds more than 300 suspected cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, which constitute epidemic

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The municipality of Rio de Janeiro River Oysters, in the Lakes Region, diagnosed since the beginning of the year 1626 suspected cases of dengue, no records of deaths. With about 116,000 inhabitants, the city surpassed the 300 suspected cases to 100 thousand inhabitants, which constitute epidemic disease, according to a Ministry of Health Of these records, 89 are cases of dengue fever (not hemorrhagic), 78 were discarded and 1459 were sent for blood analysis. The data was released today (20) by the City Hall.

To combat outbreaks of the disease, the Health Surveillance agents will, from tomorrow (21) to Saturday (24), joint efforts to inspect vacant lots and homes in some neighborhoods. According to the city, the car fumacê (insecticide that eliminates the mosquito) runs daily through the streets of the city. So far, been inspected about 120 thousand properties and eliminated approximately 40 000 breeding of Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits the disease.

The municipality of Duque de Caxias (855,000 inhabitants), the Lowlands, also has recorded many cases of dengue fever after heavy rains that hit the region earlier this year. According to the city from January until last Monday (18) were reported 353 cases of the disease, 47 in district Xerém, with 100,000 residents.

The municipality has 700 endemic guards who daily visit the homes to apply larvicides and ask questions of the population. The Department of Health will make a joint effort to combat the disease next Friday (22) in the Spring Garden neighborhood. People can make complaints and request inspections through the Dengue Hotline at 0800 788 2827.

From 1st January to 16th February, the state of Rio reported 15,855 suspected cases of dengue. In the same period last year, 16,620 cases were recorded, with one death, according to figures released today by the State Department of Health

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