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Doctors to remote areas

Antonio Carlos Lopes, president of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine and director of the School of Medicine

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Foto: Sociedade Brasileira de Clínica Médica
Antonio Carlos Lopes, President of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine
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Antonio Carlos Lopes, President of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine

Clearly the advancement of technology in the medical field, as well as enthusiasm for technological devices and the exaltation of a science without borders. In contrast, this demand creates the need to redeem the medical students and residents the concept of humanization, the family doctor and citizenship.

The improvement of technical knowledge is undoubtedly essential to the daily practice of the profession, but under no circumstances replaces humanism and the doctor-patient relationship. We fight, therefore, respect and appreciation of the patient, which is more important than the disease that affects. We want all patients are known by name and not just by the number of beds they occupy. We foresee a doctor-patient relationship more humane and less pragmatic.

Regarding citizenship, worth more practice than theory. I cite as a good example of the Family Health Program Fluvial developed today in the School of Medicine. With the support of the Navy and other armed forces, we will send the remote regions of the Amazon group of residents, accompanied by suitably qualified tutors to meet the local population. The first groups are starting in the next few months.

With the implementation of the PSF river is expected to expand the medical service provided by the Navy in the region, to bring quality care and regular access to health services. An action that, together with the Program on Border Health, will be extremely important to local communities, deprived of medical action more emphatic with regard to cancer prevention, establishment of local epidemiological profile of research and development agreements with the welfare population. It is also found in the river PSF deployment project a serum bank that will be crucial to the study of new vaccines and prophylactic very effective. Residents who participate in these programs will live a true experience of citizenship that will bring instruments so they understand that practicing medicine is much more than seeing patients in an office on Avenida Paulista.

Numerous attempts were gestated by the governments to try to fix professionals in these locations. However, the lack of infrastructure, lack of professional development programs and distance from major centers are aspects that demotivate. Neither the high salaries attract doctors. That's why the EPM / Unifesp created the Health Program at Frontier, in association with the PSF river. Together, they have all the prerequisites to become in government policies. Actions that truly define themselves as Global Health (Global Health), ie, seek to reduce disparities by investing in various social indicators, and involve awareness and integral vision of the human being.

These projects have received major accolades, including support from other countries. It has been established partnership with Duke University (USA) and the Cancer Hospital of Barretos. With this, we want to see barriers break new ground. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a society is democratic only when no one is so rich that he can buy anyone and no one is so poor he has to sell to someone.

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