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Medical professionals will guide Incor five states online

FMUSP professionals will go over the top behavior in cases of cardiac emergencies in care of SUS

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A team of the Heart Institute (Incor), Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (USP) will assist doctors in five states of the country passing distance guidance on best practice in cases of myocardial infarction and other cardiac emergencies patients in the care of the Unified Health System (SUS).

The system is being implemented in 200 service centers spread across Sao Paulo (90), Bahia (35), Pernambuco (30), Paraná (30) and Distrito Federal (15).

The partnership announcement was made on Friday (15), in InCor by Health Minister Alexandre Padilha. It is a computerized network through which medical emergency services SUS receive technical advice in real time, in the care of cardiac infarctions and complex cases.

The strategy will enable professionals to emergency rooms, intensive care units (ICUs) and emergency care units in 24 Hours (PSUs) access online, using a video, a high-level guidelines for emergency care.

The doctor who is, for example, in Bahia, to connect to the program, send the result of tests, talk to the Heart Institute, will be able to give that patient the interior of Bahia the same conduct that would be given here in InCor Padilha explained.

According to the minister, the 200 access points, are seen on average between 30 and 40 inpatients per day. Our expectation is that all these are benefited, he said.

According to Padilha, all units are equipped to benefit level than expected for good service. The most critical issue is not the equipment but trained professionals bring into the country, justified Padilha.

For the director of the Division of Cardiology InCor, Roberto Kalil, queries in real time can lead to an improvement in service, even in the case of an emergency department with limited resources. In cases of heart attack, minutes are important, he stressed, noting that the agility of conduct may lead to a decrease in mortality.

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