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Health officials in both states meet in Brasilia to developing strategies to prevent increasing cases of disease

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Given the epidemic of dengue registered in municipalities in Goiás, representatives of the Health Department of the Federal District met, on Thursday (14), in Brasilia, with the neighboring state authorities in an attempt to control the increasing cases of five doença.Nas first weeks of 2013 were 20.7 billion reported dengue cases in Goiás An increase of 377% compared to the same period last year. Most of them were recorded in Goiânia (11.6 mil) and Aparecida de Goiânia (1.7 mil). In addition, 17 deaths are being investigated.

According to the Superintendent of Health Surveillance of Goiás, Tania Vaz da Silva, the partnership between the two governments is solid, but needs to be strengthened to cope with what he considers an epidemic already installed.

The biggest concern, she said, is in relation to the increase in cases of dengue type 4, which represent 49% of the serotypes isolated in the state so far. The remaining 51% are of type 1 dengue. We have an entire population susceptible to dengue 4. People already sick may get sick again, he warned.

The Assistant Secretary of Health of Mexico City, Fernando Miziara Elias, said the mosquito Aedes aegypti does not recognize currency and the risk of epidemic spread is large, since there are increasing cases registered also in Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso.

To Miziara, actions should focus on vector control and diagnostic methods for rapid identification of dengue. He said the department has offered support to neighboring states, including through equipment and personnel.

So far, the DF 638 notified cases of the disease being confirmed 160 - an increase of 55.3%. The government argues, however, that 90% of cases are imported from Surrounding cities, especially Aguas Lindas de Goias (GO) and St. Anthony's Discovered (GO). Two deaths are being investigated.

The coordinator of the National Dengue Control of the Ministry of Health, Giovanini Coelho, ensured that the folder has accompanied all states which reported an increase of dengue cases. He recalled that at the end of last year, were transferred U.S. $ 172 million in additional funds for the prevention of disease. This needs to be combined with other actions, such as maintenance of streets, public spaces, garbage collection, proper mobilization of the population, he said.

About the increase in cases of dengue type 4, he assessed that all viruses cause concern because they can cause a severe form of the disease. But there is an additional concern regarding dengue type 4, because most of the population has no immunity [never caught the virus and can infect] explained. The ministry should disclose this Friday (15) a new bulletin epidemiology of dengue in the country. The data, according Giovanini, demonstrate that type 4 already runs on virtually all of Brazil.

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