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70% of patients suffering from bladder cancer are smokers

The research ICESP also shows that half of patients with bladder cancer early diagnosis can not

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A survey of patients seen at the Cancer Institute of São Paulo (ICESP) showed that approximately 70% of cases of bladder cancer are related to smoking. The approximately 1750 patients with this cancer by doctors ears, a total of 2500 patients said they smoke or have smoked. Late diagnosis is a problem of the disease, which has a higher incidence among chemical workers and motorists.

According to Mark Dall 'Oglio, coordinator of Urology ICESP, metabolic agents in cigarettes, which are inhaled along with the smoke, irritate the delicate lining of the urinary tract, called the urothelium. And this irritating phenomenon, caused by these agents in cigarettes, in the long run, cause bladder cancer, the doctor explains.

A survey released on Monday (4), the World Day Against Cancer, serves as a warning to change their habits as quit smoking and maintain attention to changes in health. This, according to the doctor, contributes to the early detection of bladder cancer, since, as soon as the problem is discovered, the greater the chances of a cure.

Dall 'Oglio clarifies that processes irritative bladder, such as chronic infection, increase the risk of cancer development. Among the most important symptoms are burning sensation and urge to urinate all the time. According to him, 88% of cases also have blood when urinating.

The survey also revealed that half of patients with bladder cancer begin treatment after a late diagnosis. Perhaps when symptoms occur, the person does not seek medical care because they think it will improve, or perhaps because he had difficulty in making the diagnosis, said Dall 'Oglio.

By presenting symptoms similar to other diseases, such as urinary tract infection, bladder stone, or in men, an enlarged prostate, bladder cancer may have delayed diagnosis. These urinary symptoms can be cause sometimes confounding, alert.

The doctor explains that males are the ones who suffer most from this type of cancer diagnosed for every woman, there are three men with the problem.

The survey also showed that there is a prevalence of the disease in two professions: driver and professionals who deal directly with chemicals. It is suspected that the high number of drivers with bladder cancer is related to the low frequency with which they go to the bathroom and also with the lowest intake of fluids.

For professionals dealing with chemicals, prolonged exposure for over ten years increases the risk of developing a bladder tumor. Products made from petroleum, such as plastics, cleaning products and elements have the role of exercise on a phenomenon irritative urinary said. This contact explains Dall 'Oglio occurs by inhalation or handling, causing the chemical derivatives are absorbed by the body.

The treatment of bladder cancer, where the disease is detected at first is done through the operating channel inside the urine to remove the tumor. That's when the tumor is superficial, which has a root deeper in the muscle of the bladder, explains. Otherwise, treatment with higher chance of cure is more radical surgery: Is removing the bladder or to radiotherapy, the doctor said.

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